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56% of recent car buyers say the dealer’s website influenced them to visit the dealership in person.* With more competition than ever, independent dealers need a website that stands out, but doesn’t break the bank.


Dealer.com websites offer:

  • Seamless design on all devices (mobile, desktop and tablets) 
  • Unlimited exports of your listings to third-party sites like Autotrader 
  • More than 100,000+ design options to fully customize your site 
  • Back-end analytics that help you focus on your most serious shoppers


*Source: 2017 Cox Automotive Car Buyer Journey Study

Deliver a superior shopper experience.

Dealer.com’s Seamless Website platform is both flexible and configurable, so you can create the virtual environment you and your customers expect. Through complete mobile and desktop flexibility, personalized, shopper-specific content, and configurable video and digital retailing tools – the result differentiates you from your competitors and engages your customers on a deeper level.

Control your complete virtual showroom.

Thousands of design choices, ability to create new pages, and configure your pricing and merchandising all come together in the multi-award winning ControlCenter. You’ll have total control over your complete virtual showroom strategy.

Transform leads into deals with Digital Retailing.

With our Seamless Website platform, you can transcend the traditional boundaries of online “lead generation” through our proprietary Digital Retailing technology. It allows your shoppers to start and make complete deals online, on every device. The result delivers a streamlined workflow and an uninterrupted online path to in-store purchase.

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