MyCars iPad

Drive more engagement.

It’s time to connect with your entire online audience – including repeat visitors and  “stealth shoppers” who prefer to shop your site without submitting their information. Traditional website forms don’t engage these visitors, or keep them coming back to your site. MyCars does. Automatically.

A convenient toolbar at the top of your site, it works like a shopping cart for cars, organizing vehicles for every shopper while they browse, allowing them to compare and save cars, and providing opportunities for engagement and price alerts. Return visitors pick up right where they left off, one step closer to your showroom.

Gain insight. Then gain new customers.

MyCars delivers more than just better shopping for your customers. It also lends insight into who’s shopping your inventory, and delivers high quality leads.

First, by organizing vehicles automatically, MyCars engages shoppers at every point in the sales process: Stealth shoppers see a shortlist of their recently-viewed vehicles when they return to your website, beginning them down the path to purchase. As they become motivated buyers, they can save vehicles and sign up for automated price alerts designed to quickly steer them to your showroom. The process creates the best type of sales lead: well-prepared shoppers who are ready to buy.

Meanwhile, with every customer click, the tool collects data which helps illuminate your overall customer base, identify what vehicles are attracting prospects, and unlock new advertising opportunities.

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Strengthen your Solution.

MyCars’ unique combination of website engagement and insight helps creates new opportunities within the Solution. Customer interactions with MyCars are reflected in your Solution-wide analytics for greater overall awareness of your online audience. And advertising integration opens the door to campaigns designed to reengage visitors and drive them back to your website. Once they arrive, MyCars meets them with their preferred shortlist of recently-viewed vehicles. The result? Brand consistency, constant customer connection, and stronger leads.