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Geographic Targeting FAQs
Local Business Directory FAQs
Post-Launch FAQs

Geographic Targeting FAQs

Q. What are the benefits of’s ManagedSEO™ service?A. Here are some of the benefits you will receive while on our ManagedSEO™ program:

  • Keyword research, including competitors, population and search volume, to determine the most strategic keywords and phrases to target for your website.
  • Optimization of the content on your site, including customized text on all department pages, page-specific title and metadata, and internal link optimization.
  • Ongoing analysis and optimization of website to continually improve visibility and a quarterly report of performance and work completed.
  • Detailed keyword ranking reports, updated weekly, in ControlCenter™ for the top search engines.
  • Ongoing link building, with a focus on quality sites that not only help organic performance, but Google Places as well.
  • Registration with Google and Bing Webmaster Tools with submission of XML sitemap.
  • A team of SEO experts to answer search questions, optimize custom PageBuilder pages, press release syndication, and updates based on industry changes (e.g. new models, algorithm changes).

Q. How do you decide which cities to target?
A. We take all the cities you may have provided in the SEO questionnaire into consideration, along with others in your region, including local competitors. We research each of these cities to select the best for your business. Additional criteria examined include population, distance between your dealership and the city, and historical search volume. We keep the number to target down in order to increase performance in the cities that will bring you the most relevant leads according to our research.

Q. Can I add more geo targets to my SEO campaign?
A. We do not recommend clients exceed the number of geo-targets selected by the assigned Analyst. From signifi cant research, we’ve found that limiting the number of geo-targets helps significantly with rankings. Over-targeting can diffuse the site’s overall effectiveness, making it less likely to rank for high priority keywords.

Q. Can we target a state or county?
A. In most cases, we do not recommend targeting state level terms as customers are often not willing to travel these distances, and so conversion is very low. Likely exceptions would be in small states or large rural areas where car shoppers may come from further away depending on the density of dealerships in the area.

Local Business Directory FAQs

Q. How long will this take me to complete?

A. The process should take no longer than five minutes per search engine.

Q. How do search engines verify my business?
A. You can choose to have a postcard with a verification pin sent to your business address, or a phone call.

Q. How long do search engines take to verify my business?
A. The verification process can take several weeks, but in many cases is much faster.

Q. I tried to verify my business in Google Places, but the PIN they sent me does not work, can you help?
A. Google Places now offers phone support for verification.  If you have having trouble verifying your page, please visit, click the “Contact Us” button in the upper right corner, and follow the steps provided.

Q. I changed information on my Google Places page, but the updates do not show. Can you help speed it up?
A. Changes to Google Places take time. According to Google, most text updates will occur in a few days, with multimedia (photo, video) taking a week, and merged/duplicate listings taking “several weeks.”

Q. Can you verify my business in Google Places for me?
A. Google’s verification process requires someone to be at your dealership’s physical location to
either receive a postcard, or answer your
business phone. Therefore, we are not able to verify your business on your behalf

Q. What information will the search engines require?
A. The form is pretty similar on each of the search engines. They will ask for information regarding your business, like address, phone number, hours of operation, types of payment you accept and a description of your products and services.

Q. Which categories should I select?
A. We recommend searching for the term “Automobiles”, which will allow you to browse all categories related to Automobiles. We recommend selecting up to 5 categories that best suit your business (i.e Retail Stores – Automobiles).

Q. I changed some information in my Google Places listing, 4 weeks later I saw the change, but then it changed back. What happened?
A. Google pulls information from a number of sources to create/update listings. While claiming your business should prevent your details from being overwritten, this does occasionally occur. Your best option is to track down where the incorrect (old) information is being reported online (Internet Yellow Pages type websites, directories, local sites, etc.) and request those to be updated (contact the site owner/ administrator or read their policies) as you update your business listing on Google.

Q. Can you update my Google Places information?
A. At this time, does not update our clients’ Google Places information.

Q. Will you get my website ranked higher in Google Places?
A. Google Places results utilize a different algorithm than
the organic results. While our work may help you in the maps section, particularly if you’ve claimed your business, we do not track nor report on rankings in these regions.

Post-Launch FAQs

Q. What geos are we targeting for my dealership?
 To determine which geos are being targeted, look at either of the Keyword Position reports in ControlCenter™ (described on the “Reporting” section of the FAQ). Each of the keywords have an attached geo-target, showing the dealership’s targets.

Q. How long will it take to see the results? 
A. Search engine optimization is an ongoing process and it can take some time to realize the full benefits. Our goal is to achieve long term results for your website. During the first two weeks after sign-up we will lay the groundwork for your website’s optimization program. Generally, a site begins to show a noticeable improvement in search rankings within 4-8 weeks following initial content optimization, and rankings continue to improve from there.

Q. Why does my site rank high in one search engine and not another? 
A. Each search engine has its own unique algorithm. An algorithm is a complex mathematical formula that search engines use to determine website rankings. Each algorithm looks for specific attributes when ranking a website. Like most SEO services, ManagedSEO™ places a heavy focus on Google’s algorithm because it contributes to over 60% of all search engine traffic. We do, however, integrate certain ranking factors that are favored by the other major search engines to make sure that your site has strong rankings across the board.

Q. Where can I see my SEO reports? 
A. In ControlCenter™, hover over the “Welcome” tab in the upper left corner and click “Analytics” from the drop down menu. Next, hover over the “Reporting” tab and click “Printable Reports.” On the left column, click the triangle next to “SEO” to gain access to the “Keyword Position,” “Keyword Detail”, “Search Phrases”, “Search Referral Summary” and “Search Referral Trends” report.

Q. What does the “Keyword Position” report show?
A. This report displays the keyphrases we are tracking for your website, and where those rank in the major search engines (Google, Yahoo & Bing for U.S. clients). Here you’ll see the “Current Position,” which reflects the data from the latest weekly report we’ve run, along with the “Previous Position” (from the prior week), and the change between each. This report only displays your website’s best ranking for a phrase (if your website ranks twice, only the first is recorded for this report, whereas the “Detail” report, as shown in the next question, displays all results for your site). Also displayed is the “Start Position” which is the position our reporting software found your website for the corresponding phrase the very first time we searched for it. The “Total Change” reflects the difference between this fi rst position, and the most recent.

Q. What does the “Keyword Detail” report show?
A. This report provides additional details on the rankings for your keyphrases. Like the Keyword Position Summary report, for each keyphrase it displays the current ranking along with the previous for comparison. It also lists the specific page that was found in the search results for each phrase. If a particular search resulted in two pages of your website being served, both URLs will appear along with their positions.

Q. What does the “Search Phrases” report show?
A. This report displays the keyword phrases that shoppers input into search engines that lead to a visit. Not only are the numbers of visits, visitors and page views reported, but the number of form submissions and rate of submission (based on number of visitors) are detailed. You can also see the number of bounces, bounce rate and time spent on the site for each keyword phrase.

Q. What does the “Search Referral Summary” report show?
A. This report allows you to see which search engines are sending the most traffic to your website. Not only are the numbers of visits, visitors and page views reported, but the number of form submissions and rate of submission (based on number of visitors) are detailed. You can also see the number of bounces, bounce rate and time spent on the site from each search engine.

Q. What does the “Search Referral Trends” report show?
A. This report allows you to view trending data for traffi c to your site from search engines. Traffic is viewable from each search engine on a daily basis. Determine which search engines are consistently responsible for spikes and dips in your daily traffic, and analyze your marketing to determine more effective means of driving traffic.

Q. Can you track more keyphrases for me?
A. There is a limit to the number of high-performing phrases we track for each client; we track the most beneficial – representing all models and all profit centers. If there are phrases you are interested in including in your ranking reports, send them to your Digital Advisor. We will evaluate them and determine if they can be added for the purpose of achieving optimum results.

Q. Will you get me to rank #1 for all my phrases?
A. We are very successful at increasing rankings for important phrases, and regularly get clients to the first position, but we cannot guarantee certain rankings – you should be wary of anyone who does as only the search engines themselves control the results.

Q.Why did my ranking go down this week?
A. The search engines strive to give users the most relevant content possible. Adjustments to their algorithms are not unusual and can have an impact on how websites rank in their search results. You may see your rankings drop one week and go up again the following week because of a major change in a search engine’s algorithm.’s SEO team stays current with search engine updates and trends, and we will take necessary action to regain your positions if we begin to see a long term decline in rankings.

Q. Can I edit the SEO content that is placed on my site?
A.’s content philosophy is based upon balancing the needs of two audiences: your dealership’s customers and the search engine. For your customers, we want to make content that is natural, readable, and shows the advantages of doing business with your dealership. For the search engine, we want to conform to SEO best practices and produce content that has strategically integrated high priority keywords to help you increase your search engine visibility, traffic, and conversions. Before adjusting any content on your site, please contact your Digital Advisor to ensure best practices are followed.