On-the-Lot Merchandizing

Update your vehicles while walking the lot.

Mobile Lot Capture allows users to quickly merchandise inventory, identify missing key vehicle attributes, add and edit vehicle data and produce consistent vehicle imagery, all without leaving the lot.
  • Consistent, high quality merchandising of your entire inventory
  • Included with Dealer.com Digital Website Suite
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Take vehicle merchandising in-house and eliminate 3rd party hassles
  • Helps reduce time to market & decrease days in stock

Key Features:

  • Needs Attention: Shows users which vehicles are missing data and supplies a health score, configurable in Inventory Manager
  • Barcode reader: No manual typing required
  • VIN specific keyboard: Make sure the VIN number is right every time
  • VIN matching: Select the appropriate vehicle based on the VIN entered and populates vehicle data based on the match
  • Shot Profile Wizard: Capture vehicle images with consistency and speed
  • Edit vehicle data: Update vehicle data to your website in real-time from your mobile device
  • Inventory Health: Easily determine which vehicles need attention and take action
  • Starred Vehicles: Tag vehicles as favorites for quick access
  • Safe & Secure: Mobile Lot Capture is protected using a 4-digit passcode
  • ControlCenter Configuration: Access all of your important inventory tools from one login


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