Work real deals, not just leads, with a complete online to in-store deal-making solution. Digital Retailing allows you to drive a more powerful digital strategy by giving you the ability to start deals online. Through a flexible workflow, integrated into your website, you can create and control a complete deal-making experience that differentiates your dealership from your competition, deepens customer relationships, and speeds sales by an average of 6 days per vehicle when compared to traditional online leads.*

Start online deals securely and transparently.

Digital Retailing caters to today’s automotive consumer expectations, including deeper engagement and a secure, transparent path to purchase during the deal-structuring process. By giving shoppers the ability to start deals with accurate payment calculation, trade valuation, financing and F&I solutions, Digital Retailing transcends traditional online “lead generation” by initiating actual deals.

Control the entire experience.

With our Digital Retailing solution, you’re always in control. You can configure each aspect of the experience you deliver, including your specific pricing and merchandising terms, while including all additional fees, taxes, and options for a clearer picture of the deal. By providing this information up front you can gain the shoppers’ trust, accelerate their purchase decision, and streamline your deal process.

Sell 6 days faster, and delight your customers.

Digital Retailing drives real results. According to recent studies, customers who work deals with you online report dramatically increased satisfaction with every aspect of the deal-making process, helping you build loyalty. And the solution also speeds inventory turnover: Sales based on Digital Retailing leads occur an average of 6 days faster than sales based on other internet leads.



*2017 Cox Automotive study comparing new vehicle sales sourced to traditional online leads versus deals worked through digital retailing.

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