Managed Social

Manage your social community with the BMW Certified Social and Reputation Management Program. offers BMW dealers three options to help dealers simplify social media management. Managed Social features the services of’s social media specialists who combine creative content with management for your BMW Center’s social presence. Social Tools lets you manage your own social community, content, and reputation through industry-leading social media technology, right from ControlCenter. Our Loyalty Package strengthens your relationships with customers through automated e-newsletters, service marketing reminders, and customer-written reviews posted directly to your vehicle details pages.

Managed Social $799/month

Social profile optimization, Monthly strategy and performance call,OEM, brand and local posts, Comment and review moderating, Comprehensive reporting

Social Tools $299/month

Reputation Management, Content Suggester, Facebook Applications, Real-Time Social Feeds, Social Syndication, SmartBlog, SmartBar Social, Toolbar, Social Analytics

Loyalty Package $399/month

NewsDriver, ServiceDriver, ReviewDriver

Managed Social ($799 month)

Dedicated social professionals combine creative content with community management for a complete social presence. Campaigns consistently align with your overall digital strategy and brand guidelines, and encompass a complete range of services including:

  • Profile optimization on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter
  • Monthly strategy and performance call
  • OEM/brand, and local/dealership-specific posts on every major network
  • Social comment and review monitoring and moderating
  • Reporting showing engagement metrics, post details.
BMW Social Relationship Manager

Social Tools ($299 month)

Manage your community, directly from ControlCenter’s Social Tools centralize and streamline the brand-building power of every major social media channel. Easy-to-use features focus on the four most critical aspects of dealership social strategy: group-wide reputation management, content generation and publication, inventory marketing, and analytics. All combine into one intuitive interface, aligning your social marketing into your overall digital strategy.

Connect with Customers – on Every Channel’s Social Tools simplify content creation, publication, and engagement on every major social network. Approve and post unique text, photos, and video, or share rich content suggested from OEMs, review sites, or any favorite content location – all from ControlCenter. Syndication enables your social media correspondence to synchronize with your website content, providing consistent and current messaging across all external channels.

BMW Social Tools
BMW Social Reputation

Monitor Your Reputation

Car shoppers start looking online first, which is why it’s critical for your dealership to maintain its good standing.’s Social Tools help you both manage and monitor your online reputation in order to boost the buzz surrounding your business. Track your dealership’s reputation across all critical social networks and rating sites, receive notifications of important social activity, and automatically contact customers to generate rave reviews.

Market Your Vehicles to Social Shoppers

By harnessing the automation of the platform, Social Tools market your inventory accurately and effectively on Facebook. Deliver current inventory, incentivize shoppers with unique discounts, synchronize valuable OEM and dealership information, and showcase glowing reviews to reach the customers on the most popular website in the world.

BMW Social
BMW Social Analytics

Gain Insight through Analytics

Social Tools combine comprehensive analytics with expansive insights into every channel. All analytics are configurable and scalable – from the single-point to group level – and integrated with overall digital metrics within ControlCenter.

Loyalty Package ($399 month)

Automated customer connection, for enhanced reputation and revenue. The Loyalty Package strengthens your relationships with customers by deepening connection and retention through automated e-newsletters, service marketing reminders, and customer reviews of your dealership and vehicles.

NewsDriverNewsDriver keeps your dealership top-of-mind through an automated monthly newsletter written by industry enthusiasts, sending highly consumer-focused content directly to the audience that you want returning to your dealership.

ServiceDriverServiceDriver notifies your customers of upcoming vehicle service and maintenance needs through automated reminders that strengthen customer connectivity to your dealership and drive fixed ops revenue.

ReviewDriver ReviewDriver prompts customers to review their recently purchased vehicles, and integrates them directly onto vehicle details pages. This wealth of user-generated content creates longer customer time on Vehicle Details Pages, higher conversion, and greater customer engagement.

BMW Loyalty Package
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