UAX - Paid Search Google Awards Paid Search, the foundation of your advertising strategy, is the most awarded and most trusted paid search technology in automotive. Fully integrated with your inventory and bolstered by vehicle-specific content for every ad, it’s proven to differentiate your dealership and capture the existing demand in your market.

  1. Unique: Campaigns align with your strategy, and can reflect your specific copy and messaging.
  2. Automated: Ads reflect your specific inventory, automatically.
  3. Proven: pioneered paid search for dealers, and we are continuously innovating.

Pro Management for Every Campaign’s industry-leading technology is backed by the most skilled SEM professionals in automotive. Our Paid Search team is 100% certified by Google, Yahoo, MSN and Bing, and participates in the exclusive SMB Premier Partnership program, working directly with Google to manage and optimize your dealership’s paid search campaigns.


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How Paid Search serves as the foundation for any digital advertising investment.

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*source 2015 case study