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Helping our clients maintain business continuity is a top priority, and we at are committed to our partnership with you. We will update this page regularly with tips and best practices for operating optimally in a virtual sales and service environment.

A Message from Wayne Pastore

Wayne Pastore, Vice President at, details how will be publishing insights and best practices over the next days to help dealers make confident decisions to keep your business moving forward, now and in the future. is Here For You

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Dealer Forward: The Sales Experience and Social Distancing

Dealer Forward is a recurring CBT News panel discussion focused on building resiliency in key areas of auto retail. Today’s panel discussion explores specific tactics dealers are employing to continue the sales experience during social distancing.

Craft Effective Digital Marketing Communications in a Changing Environment

With government and public health updates being released every day, you may feel the need to follow this lead and share all the steps your dealership is taking to protect and support your customers.  You know what you want to say, so the next issue to address is how you say it.

Webinar: Creating Your Virtual Sales Approach

Learn a 5-step digital retailing sales process that is customized to today’s online car shopper, and learn about these topics: the current state of car shopping, what other dealers are seeing and experiencing, an abbreviated selling approach that works virtually, and key examples we are seeing in the market, in this webinar, hosted by Rich Mertz, Sr. Manager of Digital Retailing & Digital Selling Expert.

Celebrate Every Win to Elevate Your Online Reputation

Even in times of extreme change, people are still shopping and sharing their experience through online reviews and social sentiment. Dealers: especially now, celebrate every win. Express your gratitude toward your customers and leverage their words as a marketing mechanism for prospective buyers and lessees. Reputation management is a tremendous key to success in making this happen.

Webinar: Digital Marketing for Your Re-emergence: Website UX Best Practices

The challenges dealers have faced during the last few months have reshaped the market. As you think about restarting your operations, consider this question: what did COVID-19 teach us about consumers and their sales and service needs? What customer conveniences are likely to stick around, and what digital marketing skills will continue to be key drivers? Watch this webinar to learn about website best practices.

Data, Insights and Opportunities in the Age of Social Distancing

The U.S. is a diverse place, and as a result, we see diversity within data. While we’ve generalized our findings in this post, every dealership’s story about the impact of COVID-19 will be slightly different. You can apply our findings through the lens of your business and your market to help define your digital marketing strategies moving forward.

Digital Advertising As The Car Shopping Experience Evolves

Scott Blodgett details why as automotive shopping behavior evolves, being able to adapt will be paramount for long term success for automotive dealers.

Webinar: Promoting Dealer Home Services

Is your dealership scheduling home delivery, at-home test drives, or remote vehicle servicing? Are you new to digital retailing? Whatever the situation, your Digital Storefront needs to keep you connected to shoppers and communicate your services. Join Noah Lee, head of product consulting, as he reviews steps you can take to market Dealer Home Services.

Webinar: Deal-Making in Today’s Digital World

How should your deal-making technique shift in today’s climate? It’s still possible to build meaningful connections with shoppers virtually and close more deals. Discover these topics: the current state of car shopping, engaging car shoppers quickly, adjusting your CRM workflows to your new sales approach, and building relationships with shoppers virtually.

A New Focus On The "Online to In-Store" Consumer Experience

Bob George, AVP of Product Management at, details how best to bridge the online and in-store consumer experiences into a singular, cohesive shopping journey.

Webinar: Digital Retailing Best Practices

Watch as Mo Zahabi, Senior Director of Product Consulting, details how dealers can make the most out of their Digital Retailing solutions.

Best Practices for Engaging Customers Through Social Media

While social distancing guidelines remain in place, people have become increasingly reliant on digital tools and resources to feel connected. Enter: social media. Here are enduring best practices to transform your social accounts into an invaluable part of your digital marketing strategy.

Dealer Forward: Maintaining Business Continuity

Dealer Forward is a recurring CBT News panel discussion focused on building resiliency in key areas of auto retail. Today’s panel discussion is about Maintaining Business Continuity for Dealerships in light of the latest consumer data and economic indicators, especially surrounding social distancing and shelter in place mandates.

Be Present: Leverage Digital When Consumer Behavior Changes

As shoppers follow public health guidelines and practice social distancing, local automotive businesses are experiencing a noticeable shift in consumer behavior. However, as people are putting their basic needs first, less automotive search and advertising-driven traffic will occur.  What steps should dealerships consider?

Webinar: Making Your Next Move

With data and insights from more than 50% of US franchise dealers, has a view into how consumers are adjusting to social distancing. Watch our webinar Your Next Move: Data, Insights and Opportunities in the Age of Social Distancing to hear actionable steps you can take to maximize sales and service.

Prioritize Relevant and Current Content On Your Digital Channels

Whether you have mandated store closures in heavily impacted areas in the country, you are located in an area where the concern is growing, or in a location where it’s business as usual, you need to be digitally present.

Webinar: Reaching Remote Consumers Through Video Advertising

Video advertising is one of the best ways to continue reaching them, but to stay competitive, your dealership will need flexible tools that allow for quick adjustments to campaign messages and offers. This webinar will explain how your dealership can leverage video advertising to reach remote shoppers.