Launches Full Spectrum Internet Marketing Solution for Automotive Dealers

January 23, 2009 (Burlington, VT) –, the leading provider of online marketing solutions for the automotive industry, today announced the launch of the Full Spectrum Internet Marketing Solution, the revolutionary platform that provides dealerships comprehensive online marketing and sales management. The fully integrated online solution allows dealers to drive new business, capture more sales opportunities, manage Internet operations and prove the results of marketing efforts– all from a single online login.  he industry-leading platform is the result of more than ten years of best practices, product development and analysis, focused exclusively on online automotive retail. Further, complete ROI calculation now eliminates the guesswork that plagued online marketing efforts in the past.

The platform even includes the ground breaking tool, Live Visitor & Lead Calculator™ (LVLC 2.0), that enables dealers to estimate potential leads and sales from the solution before making the investment. Based on a decade of data collected from more than 7,000 dealer websites across the country, LVLC 2.0 can predict the approximate number of visitors a site will attract. Version 2.0 of the product enables dealers to see how much business they can expect from both paid and organic search efforts. Plus, based on the dealership’s average closing rates, LVLC 2.0 can even estimate potential sales revenue for the dealership.

In today’s tight economy it is particularly important to be able to accurately gauge ROI and once dealers have received an up-front estimate of the sales and service traffic they can expect, the platform then enables them to manage and analyze all online marketing activities to drive traffic, capture more leads, manage online operations and prove results.

  • Drive Traffic: Traffic generators such as PowerMail™ email marketing, Dynamic SEO™, TotalControl DOMINATOR™ SEM and Automated Inventory Marketing enable dealers to drive new business.
  • Capture Leads: Once visitors reach the virtual dealership, the platform enables dealers to capture more sales opportunities with NADA award winning SmartSites™ that include multiple lead-generating forms, SpecialsBuilder Pro™, CarFinder™ and more.
  • Manage Operations: Internet operations and leads can then be managed with features such as Control Center, LeadMachine™ Internet Lead Management, Inventory Management, SmartSites™ Composer, Website Content Management and Digital Media Management.
  • Prove Results: Finally, the platform lets dealers prove the results of online marketing efforts with 360° Analytics, Advertising ROI, Sales Rep Performance and Website Performance Analysis.

Throughout the platform, client and prospect information can be shared and acted on, enabling faster, more accurate decisions and actions.

The platform addresses all dealership online sales and marketing needs with a seamless virtual structure, built from the ground up by a single vendor–unlike other platforms with features bolted on or pieced together from multiple vendors or third-party services. This helps make the full spectrum solution more cost-effective, allowing dealers to replace multiple vendors with one vendor, making marketing dollars go further, while simultaneously driving dramatic productivity gains. All platform tools and features can be accessed from a single login, even for dealer groups with numerous websites.

“The foundation of automotive retail marketing is still the dealership website, but so much more than a mere website is required for sustained competitive advantage and success today,” commented Mark Bonfigli, CEO. “The platform changes the game by seamlessly incorporating all of the essential elements of leading-edge online marketing. Our comprehensive solution is the result of over a decade’s worth of automotive, IT and marketing knowledge and development, enabling dealers to drive online productivity, accountability and sales as never before.”