Advertise with Digital Expertise and Flexibility

The automotive industry is resilient. No matter what headwinds the country is facing, where your dealership is located, or what models are sitting on your lot, there is a consumer to match your inventory. To make this happen, you need to connect your vehicles and dealership services with in-market shoppers. Is your dealership’s digital advertising up to the task? 

Choose the Right Partner 

A multi-channel, data-powered, dealer-first advertising portfolio drives more high-quality traffic, website engagement, and leads. But a great portfolio isn’t just about the right channels and the right budget. Your advertising partner should work with you to flex your portfolio as your business needs fluctuate with the calendar and with current market conditions.  

Flex for More Demand 

Want to know some of the ways a flexible portfolio will benefit your dealership? A holistic, always-on portfolio ensures a steady pipeline of both low and high funnel shoppers, and a healthy, constant demand for inventory and services across your dealership. When inventory is flying off the lot, an always-on advertising strategy means a steady stream of leads and website traffic to help keep your momentum strong.  

During times of slower inventory sales, dealers can flex some of their investment away from inventory and use’s extensive multi-channel strategies and unrivaled shopper data for other purposes. These might be to gain more traction from automotive service marketing, more awareness to your remote services, and more brand recognition in your community. ​Keep in mind, pulling back on your advertising in the midst of headwinds essentially makes your dealership disappear and takes you out of the game. 

Maximize Your Potential 

Need more convincing that choosing the right advertising partner is as important as the channels and budget? Consider these features of the Advertising solution: 

  • Deliver the most effective advertising portfolio aligned to your strategy. Our platform deploys personalized, integrated ad campaigns.  
  • Spend smarter on every channel, and reach shoppers wherever they are online. Showcase your vehicles and dealership services to shoppers at all stages of the consumer journey. 
  • Access only the most relevant shoppers.We deliver your inventory and fixed operations ad campaigns to the most relevant in-market. 
  • Protect your digital advertising investment from fraud. Our partners monitor and protect your digital advertising from spam, bots, artificial traffic, and ad fraud. Advertising connects dealers with in-market shoppers using data and expertise you can’t find anywhere else. We have the flexible, intelligent and secure platform to make your digital advertising strategy a success.  

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