Amplify Your Fixed Ops Merchandising to Find Hidden Profits

Current inventory shortages have caused dealers to look inward to find other sources of revenue. The most natural place for most dealers to look is the fixed ops department, which accounts for about half of the average dealer’s revenue, but only about 1/10 of the overall marketing focus.

Dana Ayer, manager of Performance Management at, recently spoke to dealers about how to find hidden profits through fixed ops merchandising. He shared how dealers can increase customer engagement, boost auto sales leads, and drive revenue with the right fixed ops messaging. Key takeaways from the presentation included:

  • A review of current market challenges and why fixed operations can increase profits
  • What vehicle owners expect from dealerships and their fixed operations departments
  • Fixed ops improvements that have been most impactful for thriving dealers
  • Best auto dealer marketing practices to get the most out of your fixed ops merchandising

Watch the webinar to see how your dealership can drive operational efficiencies, outpace your competitors, and improve profits by amplifying your fixed ops messaging.

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