Clear 4 Digital Marketing Hurdles for Success Today

Today’s environment is challenging. The 2020 Cox Automotive COVID-19 Consumer Impact Study reported we’re dealing with tight inventories as well as fewer in-market shoppers — 20 percent of consumers were in-market to purchase a vehicle in March, while early August reported 15 percent in-market. To combat numbers like that, you need your digital marketing on-point and working for you. 

Fully optimized digital marketing will drive in-market opportunities to your website and generate sales and service leads for your dealership. Let’s talk through the digital marketing hurdles you must face head on right now — and how to clear them for your dealership. 

Hurdle 1: Expertise  

Digital marketing is comprised of vast, highly specialized skill sets, and with 49 percent of businesses increasing digital marketing efforts in the wake of 2020, you need experience and expertise stay competitive.1   

It takes a lot of time to read all the marketing blogs, evaluate social media platforms, and anticipate and prepare for algorithm changes. Not to mention, studying your analytics to inform changes to strategy amidst shifting priorities and challenges. You may be able to check some digital to-dos off your list, but if it’s not your primary job, can you give it the time and attention it needs? Look for a partner that specializes in core digital marketing fundamentals, with deep knowledge of the automotive industry, to help you stay ahead of emerging trends and ever-changing best practices.   

Hurdle 2: Resources 

We are all trying to do more with less today. This year has forced you to create necessary efficiencies at your dealership, and an unintended consequence might be fewer digital marketing resources. This comes at a time when you need your sales and service messages to stay relevant in a highly competitive search environment while also creating new messaging to ensure shoppers understand the new digital sales and service processes you’ve put in place in order to help them, and your employees, stay safe. 

The good news? You don’t have to do it all yourself, nor do you have to invest in costly agencies. Look for a digital marketing company that puts a team behind your dealership to work with you and expertly execute your digital marketing strategy.   

Hurdle 3: Multiple Vendor Relationships  

Digital marketing efforts should be connected. If you’re working with several vendors, you may not reap the benefits of a single, cohesive strategy to tie your digital plan together. There may be other pitfalls too, like an unclear ROI for your marketing dollars and differing KPIs that make performance difficult to judge.  

Instead of juggling multiple technology vendor and marketing agency relationships, look for a solution that brings it all under one roof, with one point of contact. You need a single solution accountable to you as a true partner in your success. With a vendor like that, you get time back that was spent communicating across disparate providers and better results because you are more effective when discussing goals and strategy with one person, one time versus multiple people multiple times where important nuances may be missed.   

Hurdle 4: Specialized Skill Sets 

There are several disciplines within digital marketing that work together to create successful, polished campaigns. Most marketing professionals only specialize in one or two disciplines, like copywriting or SEO. It’s understandable the array of skill sets needed to write and design your creative, optimize your SEO, manage social media, create a competitive advantage with your online reputation, or even develop video content may be difficult to find in one person or even across your dealership.   

Put a team behind your digital marketing with all of those skills for a cross-coordinated effort. At, you have one point of contact, your performance manager, whose job is to help you obtain your goals. They do that through coordination with accomplished, specialized automotive marketers with the know-how to help you attract high-quality, in-market shoppers through optimized organic search visibility and a consistent look and feel across all digital channels.  

Your digital marketing success starts with the right team. Let’s talk about stellar results for your dealership. Visit  

1Digital Marketing Institute Whitepaper: Digital Paves the Way in Response to Covid-19