Close More Deals with Your Digital Retailing Tools

It’s no longer enough to simply implement digital retailing tools. To be competitive and close more deals, you have to understand the “why” of digital retailing. Why do consumers seek out these experiences? Why do they choose one dealership’s digital retailing over another? And, most importantly, why should you pay attention to consumers’ answers to these questions?

Amanda Hilerio, eCommerce Performance Manager at, recently spoke to dealers about how to take their digital retailing game to the next level. She discussed five talking points to help dealers attract more car sales leads and get the most out of their digital retailing investment.

  1. Consumer behavior trends and the factors affecting consumer decisions
  2. Why you should pay attention to these consumer trends
  3. How to align your processes with consumer trends
  4. Technology integrations that make your processes easier
  5. How to connect your digital storefront to your physical dealership

Watch the webinar to see how your dealership can connect with more dealer leads through your digital retailing experience.