Differentiate Your Digital Buying Experience to Stand Out from Your Competition


As the automotive sales industry shifts toward offering more digital buying experiences, dealerships need to do more to stand out from the increasing crowd of competition. It’s no longer enough to simply offer a digital buying experience. Your dealership needs to seriously consider how to be different. That means appealing to auto sales leads with a digital buying experience that’s appealing and gives them reason to choose your dealership over your competitors. 

B. Malaczewski, manager of Performance Management at Dealer.com, recently spoke to dealers about the importance of differentiating the digital buying process. She offered valuable insight into what motivates car dealer leads to choose one digital shopping experience over another and how you can promote your brand to best appeal to buyers. Key takeaways from the presentation included: 

  • A list of essential and optional steps for your digital shopping experience 
  • How to decide which digital processes are right for your dealership and your customers 
  • Branding considerations that will set you apart from the competition 
  • How to maximize communication on your digital storefront for digital shopping 
  • How to leverage connected Cox Automotive brands to differentiate your dealership online 

Watch the webinar to see how your dealership can stand out from the crowd to offer a distinct digital buying experience.