Video for Car Shoppers: Numbers from the Experts




In some ways, auto dealerships are luckier than businesses in most other industries when it comes to video marketing. YouTube—far and away the world’s largest video platform, from both a consumer and a marketer perspective—is currently under the command of David Mogensen, a former automotive marketer.


That means a lot of great insight and information on car shoppers and the car-buying process in the Internet age is available direct from the source.


Of course, that information is available to all car dealerships—you and your competitors—which means you’re under greater pressure to make use of the available information if you don’t want to lose ground.


Mogensen recently published an article on car buying and marketing videos on YouTube. It features a lot of data on the increasing importance of marketing to mobile devices, and how if you don’t put these stats into action you’ll be missing some major opportunities.


We recommend reading the article, but we’ll break it down here for you, too.


Nearly half of all auto review videos were watched on mobile devices.


Online video has been growing in availability and popularity for a few years. As mobile devices grow cheaper and better able to display high-quality video, and as cell phone plans and WiFi become more capable of supporting faster streaming, it’s becoming clear that video is the medium of choice for the majority of online shoppers.


In 2015, existing video trends hit an even sharper incline, with more than three millions hours of auto review videos seen on YouTube in just the first three quarters of the year. And nearly half of those hours—1.2 million, to be precise—were watched on mobile devices.


If you can offer video that’s mobile responsive, via a platform that’s easy to navigate on a phone’s screen, you’ll be capturing way more leads from car buyers in every phase of the purchase process.


Guest author Collin Davis is the chief technology officer at Dealer Video Showroom, a Certified Technology Provider