NADA 2024: A Sneak Peek into’s Website Enhancements  

DDC_NADA 2023_Digital Storefront

At, we firmly believe the quality of your leads is directly tied to the effectiveness of your website. We are committed to continued enhancement our core solution, ensuring that your digital storefront is: 

  • Designed to deliver results. 
  • Personalized with elements that shoppers expect. 
  • Developed with a mobile-first mindset and optimized for any smart device. 
  • Data-driven, activating shopper insights to enhance the consumer experience. 

At the 2024 NADA show, we’re excited to unveil four enhancements that will significantly boost your website’s performance: 

1. A Modern Shopping Experience  

Consumers crave a smoother online shopping journey when looking for vehicles online. Our new enhancements and updates ensure your website has the latest and greatest technology:  

  • Site Speed Upgrades: Enhancing loading speed for large images and text blogs, ensuring a faster and more satisfying experience. 
  • Simplified Search Results Page: Decluttering the Search Results Page (SRP) for easier vehicle discovery and the ability to scan through more inventory.  
  • ADA Compliance: Improving accessibility to cater to users of all abilities or unique needs. 

2. Recommended Vehicles Widget  

Our recommended vehicles widget uses the Consumer Vehicle Recommendation Engine (CVRE) for a more modernized approach to viewing vehicles. Rather than relying on third-party cookies, our widget identifies a higher percentage of visitors and personalizes displayed vehicles based on their shopping preferences. In cases where vehicle recommendations can’t be personalized for the consumer, the widget shows your featured inventory or new vehicle arrivals.  

Dealers are experiencing a 170% increase in click-through rate by displaying more relevant vehicles.* 

3. New Homepage Designs

Your homepage is usually the first place a shopper will land when accessing your website. With seven new stylistic enhancements, our new home page options will incorporate a modern and effective path for solving their automotive shopping needs.  

4. Mobile Lot Capture Tool

Mobile Lot Capture, a modernized scanning tool, allows dealers to take and upload photos directly from the lot. The mobile-friendly experience includes features like dropdowns for clarity, optimized filters, manual vehicle addition, and sorting functionality. Additionally, the integration of Mobile Lot Capture into Inventory Manager ensures a seamless and streamlined workflow. 

Includes built-in VIN Scanner to enter new vehicles, shoot consistent imagery using the Shot Profile tool and quickly identify and address vehicles missing important information from your website. 

Creating more engaging websites with the dealer and consumer in mind is at the core of what we do best. Visit the booth at the 2024 NADA Show to explore how our new and enhanced solutions can elevate your website metrics and help you achieve more success 


*LookerStudio/Google Analytics, VDP Click through rate comparing 5/15 -6/7/23 to after 6/29/23