NADA 2024 – Q&A with Noah Lee

As NADA 2024 approaches, Noah Lee, Director of Product Consulting for shares a preview of what to expect at the “auto industry event of the year”—plus some tips for networking while you’re at the show. Want to know what else to expect at NADA this year? Check out the new First Look Guide from Cox Automotive.  

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1. Why What’s the biggest differentiator?  

a. I think the connectivity to the Cox Automotive immense data network is a huge differentiator. I’d also say the integration to the Accelerate My Deal (AMD) digital retailing tool because it allows shoppers to complete more steps of the buying process online.  

2. Why should dealers beef up their advertising strategies into today’s competitive market?  

a. Advertising allows dealers to target the right people at the right time and land them on pages with information that is relevant to them, so they are more likely to call, click, or start their deal online.  

3. What new products are you excited about/can you preview that are in the pipeline? 

a. The new product I am most excited about is Retail 360 because it is going to truly revolutionize the way shoppers buy cars. A dealer can come into the store and buy the car, complete some steps of the buying process and finish in-store, or even buy completely online.  

4. Why should dealers be focused on digital retailing? 

a. With digital retailing, dealers can get shoppers to complete more steps online which saves them time in the dealership and makes them more likely to buy a car from your dealership.  

5. Anything you want the dealers to know going into NADA 2024? 

a. Dealers need to start thinking about personalization, first-party data, and integration across their solutions as they prepare for NADA 2024.  


Favorite TV Show: Better Call Saul  

Favorite Thing about NADA: Seeing all the people and the amazing marching band at the show kickoff.  

Favorite Vegas Restaurant: Mamafoku and Mr. Chow 

Top Industry Buzz Words:  AI, CDP, and Personalization  

How many NADA’s have you attended: 4 

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