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Meet the incredible people who play an integral role in delivering the most advanced and effective technology solutions in the automotive industry.

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Nuan Final

Nuan Openshaw-Dion

Vice President Operations

Nuan Openshaw-Dion may have multiple degrees, including a Master of Business Administration from The College of William and Mary, but her academic education isn’t the only thing that makes her such an expert at Dealer.com. She’s also been with the company since 2009 and has worked in a variety of roles, learning everything there is to know about our products and services along the way.

As a Cox Automotive veteran, she also spent time at Dealertrack, where she worked on various mission-critical initiatives. With a track record of successfully managing people, projects, and products, Nuan brings a diversity of experience that enriches every project she touches. In her current role as vice president of operations at Cox Automotive, Nuan oversees work associated with Dealer.com Websites, Advertising, Managed Services, and Automotive Marketing Platform. Through that work, she aims to build enduring value for dealerships by driving their digital storefronts—and their customer relationships—forward.


Heather Ellis

Associate Vice President Dealer Marketing Operations

For Heather Ellis, the core principles of retail success remain the same whether you’re selling video game consoles or vehicles—and she has plenty of experience doing both. Armed with a degree in Retail and Consumer Science from the University of Arizona, she has worked with some of the world’s most well-known consumer brands. 


 Now the associate vice president of dealer marketing operations at Cox Automotive, Heather is applying that expertise to the retail automotive sector, helping dealers grown their businesses through more effective advertising. Her own experience working in advertising for multiple agencies informs her interactions with dealers and helps her to formulate effective retail strategies that sell more cars.   

Bob George

Bob George

Associate Vice President Product

Bob George isn’t your ordinary product guy. Trained in art and architecture, he has a knack for analyzing, building, and refining—a skill that he has applied effectively within each of his many product roles. He strongly believes that dealers deserve better technology, which drives him to develop tools that make a real difference for dealers.


Currently the associate vice president of product at Dealer.com, Bob is the unrivaled expert on the company’s technology and service offerings. With more than a decade of experience at Dealer.com, he has worked in just about every product role and understands every component of the company’s technology. With responsibilities spanning the entire product line, Bob possesses a deep understanding of the many disciplines associated with its technology, including digital marketing, online advertising, SEO/SEM, and web analytics.

Stephen Keen

Stephen Keen

Associate Vice President Sales

Stephen Keen may be a seasoned sales professional with an impressive history and a successful career, but his interests go way beyond the boundaries of traditional sales. He has developed expertise in a variety of disciplines, including online advertising, search engine marketing, social media, and strategy. 


With nearly two decades of experience consulting with dealership on their automotive technology solutions, he has helped dealerships discover and implement numerous Cox Automotive technologies, including VinSolutions, Dealertrack F&I, and Dealer.com. The breadth of his experience has given him an understanding of how each department within a dealership is using technology to succeed. With a deep understanding of what it takes to close a deal, he relentlessly pursues the shortest path between our clients and their customers.

Chris Hawthorne

Chris Hawthorne

Leader of Performance Management

Dealer.com doesn’t just offer best-in-class website and advertising technologies—it also supplies the industry’s best experts to help dealerships on their way to online success. Chris Hawthorne is the embodiment of that promise. As a leader of Performance Management at Cox Automotive, Chris serves as a leading liaison between Dealer.com and its clients. He pairs his product expertise with a love for teaching to help dealers maximize product success and grow their businesses. 


With more than a decade of experience training dealership employees on Cox Automotive products—including VinSolutions and Dealer.com—Chris has developed a high level of expertise in dealership operations that goes way beyond technology. In his interactions with dealers, he has become a trusted resource on a wide variety of topics, including sales management, marketing, and operations.