Video Advertising

Bring your inventory to life on Facebook and Youtube with an all-new, accessible video advertising solution.

YouTube boasts more than 1.9 Billion active users1, and video is the #1 format for discovering new vehicles. With nearly four million automotive video views each day2 on YouTube alone, consumption of video is growing rapidly among automotive shoppers. But resource gaps have kept some dealers from advertising on lucrative video advertising channels like YouTube and Facebook.

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Enjoy Barrier-Free Access to Video Advertising 
Attract, engage, and convert in-market shoppers on channels where they are most active. 

No Dealership Resources? No problem! 
Our automated solution specializes in video test drives and scalable, data-driven content production to ensure you can keep selling cars and servicing customers while we do the work. 

OEM Compliant Video Creation 
Simply select the offers and vehicles you want to promote, and we’ll create up to 42 compelling videos every month. 

Effortless Deployment 
We’ll deploy these videos based on your budget and strategy, automatically bringing your inventory and offers to life on Facebook and YouTube. 

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Automated Video Creation 

Each video made through our turnkey, automated video creation and flighting service includes a monthly incentive that you select, your dealership name and URL, vehicle imagery, and a unique dealer statement. Armed with this content. We’ll create videos of varying lengths, including 6, 15 and 30-second options. Choose 6 OEM-specific offers and up to 7 variations, for 42 possible video combinations per month.  

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Custom Video

Looking for more curated, custom video content? Partner with our videographers to deliver custom video ads aligned to your specific strategy. Expertly produced videos made in collaboration with your dealership feature unique special offers, incentives, inventory and events, and will help take your unique dealership brand to the next level.​ 

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1 Source: YouTube Internal Data, Global, June, 2018.
2 Google: YouTube for Auto Dealers, October 2018.