Video Advertising

Flexible video creation and exclusive consumer insights bring your inventory to life across Facebook, YouTube, and digital video channels.

Turn Video Views into Sales Opportunities

Right now, digital media consumption is at record levelsso getting your dealership’s marketing messages in front of shoppers consuming video has never been more important, or more accessible. gives in-market shoppers a front-row seat for your inventory and dealership services, with flexible video advertising solutions that help you reach shoppers browsing Facebook, YouTube, and other digital media channels. 

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High-Speed, High Quality Video Ads’s all-new Video Advertising solutions make it easy to create and deploy high quality video content that connects your cars with shoppers browsing video channels like Facebook and YouTube. Here are some key benefits: 

  • No Dealership Resources? No problem! Our turnkey solution means you enjoy barrier-free access to high-quality video assets and advertising services. 
  • New! Need to promote all of your profit centers? We’ve got that covered. Feature your best inventory offers, fixed-ops specialsor remote shopping/digital retailing messages. 
  • Want something custom?  Our videographershighly skilled in production and fast deliverycustomize your video content to meet your needs. 


Target the Right Shoppers

Advertise with greater precision using in-market shopper data.

  • New! Reach in-market shoppers exclusive to Cox Automotiveincluding shoppers who have researched similar vehicles on Autotrader or Kelley Blue Book. 
  • New! Win more clicks from shoppers on YouTube with TrueView for Action Ad Types. Drive shoppers from YouTube right to your VDPs with a Shop Now call-to-action that shows throughout your entire video.  
  • New! Target YouTube Affinity and In-Market Audiences: Reach in-market shoppers on YouTube based on a user’s search history on Google and YouTube


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Turnkey Video Creation

If you’re just looking to promote incentives and inventory, our turnkey Video Advertising solution does just that. Dealers get up to 42 videos per month, more than enough to highlight your key inventory, OEM offers, and profit centers. Each video includes a monthly incentive that you select, your dealership name, compliant vehicle imagery, and three unique dealer statements. 

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Custom Video Solutions

Dealerships looking for more curated, custom video content can partner with our expert videographers who will deliver custom videos campaigns aligned to your specific dealership advertising strategy. Feature your unique offers, incentives, inventory or dealership events, and take your marketing messages to high-impact video channels.

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Connected Video

Our audience-first approach helps dealers expand their video marketing reach to wherever in-market shoppers consume content online. Using exclusive Cox Automotive insights, our Connected Video solution goes beyond Facebook and YouTube, helping dealers target shoppers watching connected television or over-the-top content across any device or network.

Part of’s holistic advertising solution, Connected Video delivers optimal relevance along with transparent reporting that includes view-through metrics, which reveal whether a customer took a desired action after viewing.

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