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Bring your inventory to life on Facebook and Youtube with our all-new, dynamic Video Advertising Solutions.
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Right now, social media consumption is at record levels, and getting your marketing messages in front of social consumers has never been more important. During this time of social distancing, manufacturers are coaxing shoppers with generous OEM incentives and deferred payments.’s turnkey Video Advertising solution puts these offers in front of shoppers browsing Facebook and YouTube, and gives you the flexibility to customize your marketing messages as often as your needs change.

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High quality video production.’s all-new Video Advertising Solutions make it easy to create and deploy high quality video content that connects your cars with your customers browsing Facebook and YouTube. Here are some key benefits:

  • No Dealership Resources? No problem! Enjoy barrier-free access to high-quality video assets and advertising services.
  • Agency-Grade Production. Our videographers are highly skilled in production and delivery.
  • Customized to Meet Your Needs. We offer a variety of video advertising options to address your marketing goals.
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Dynamic Video Creation and Flighting

If you’re just looking to promote incentives and inventory, our Video Advertising creation and flighting solution does just that. Dealers can choose 6 OEM-specific offers and up to 7 variations, for up to 42 possible videos or revisions per month based on your strategy. Each video includes a monthly incentive that you select, your dealership name, compliant vehicle imagery, and three unique dealer statements.

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Custom Video Solutions

Looking for more curated, custom video content? Partner with our expert videographers to deliver custom videos and video ads aligned to your specific strategy. Video content, produced in collaboration with your staff, features unique offers, incentives, inventory or events, and will help take your unique dealership brand to the next level.

Video Advertising Offer Details

To help you reach consumers on Facebook and YouTube with inventory and incentive information, along with critical information about your dealership, dealers who sign up for purchase our turnkey Video Advertising solution will receive 3 months at 50% off MSRP.*

*Promotion expires 5/31/2020. Terms and Conditions The monthly fees for Video Advertising with Creative shall be discounted by 50% per month for a period of three (3) months (the “Promotion Period”). You may opt out and cancel Video Advertising with Creative at any time during the Promotion Period. However, if you have not opted out prior to the expiration of the Promotion Period, you will be charged the full monthly Video with Creative fees ($1099 per month) after the Promotion Period ends.

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