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Bring your inventory to life everywhere shoppers consume video content with industry-leading video creation tools and exclusive consumer insights.

Turn Video Views into Sales Opportunities

Give in-market shoppers a front row seat to your inventory and dealership services. With digital media consumption at record levels, getting your campaigns in front of shoppers consuming video has never been more important, or more accessible.’s flexible video advertising solutions help you reach shoppers browsing Facebook, YouTube, Connected TV and over-the-top content across any device or network. 


The Big Shift

Connected TV is gaining popularity among consumers, leading to a decline in cable subscriptions. As a result, consumers are significantly increasing their video consumption across various platforms.

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Households will adopt Connected TV by 2023.

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Households will adopt Connected TV by 2023.

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Video is the preferred format for shoppers learning about vehicles.

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Increase in purchase intent from video, and 139% increase in brand association.****

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U.S. households will cut the pay TV cord by 2024.**

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U.S. households will cut the pay TV cord by 2024.**

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Auto shoppers say that video has influenced their shopping habits/purchases.*** 

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Test-drive videos outnumber in-store test drives.

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of total U.S. homes are streaming on Connected Televisions.1

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billion hours are spent consuming Connected TV content.2

Maximize ROI with Targeted Campaigns

Cox Automotive’s proprietary automotive shopper intelligence delivers reliable, predictive consumer insights based on real buying signals, helping our clients connect effectively and efficiently with in-market shoppers where they shop, browse or consume content. 

Connected Video Advertising

Expand your video marketing efforts to target potential customers viewing Connected TVs and over-the-top media channels. By using advanced targeting methods, Connected TV ensures that your content is tailored to your specific audience. Our transparent reporting includes view-through metrics, allowing you to track customer actions after watching your videos. Take charge of your primary audience’s viewing experience and capitalize on sales opportunities across different devices and networks. also offers the ability to retarget shoppers who have interacted with your video ads, encouraging them to return to your dealership website and stay connected with your brand. Learn more here. 

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Fast, Flexible Video Creation

Fast, Flexible Video Creation 

Our team of experts is dedicated to creating and implementing high-quality video content effortlessly using’s comprehensive Video Advertising solution. With just a few simple steps, you can seamlessly connect all your profit centers with potential customers who are actively searching for your products or services. 

Promote Inventory and Incentives 

Generate interest in relevant promotions by conveniently choosing suitable inventory and offers, along with your distinctive selling points. 

Digital Retailing Looking to promote your service department, along with remote shopping and digital retailing capabilities? We’ve got you covered with templates customizable to your needs. 

Custom Video Creation

Create custom video content by partnering with our skilled videographers to bring your creative ideas to life. Our team will produce personalized video campaigns tailored to your dealership’s advertising goals. Showcase your special offers, incentives, inventory, or dealership events and elevate your marketing messages through impactful video channels. 

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Advertise with Precision

Put the full power of Cox Automotive data to work for your dealership. With unmatched insight into consumer behavior, offers the most powerful holistic, multichannel advertising solution. Let us help you focus your investment, craft connected campaigns, and build a smarter digital advertising portfolio that drives results. COLOR Icon with CAI BLACK-2
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1 Comscore CTV Intelligence™, May 2023, U.S. 2 Comscore Media Metrix Multi-Platform, CTV Intelligence™ 

2 Comscore TV, Jan 2022 – Jan 2023 U.S