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Shift Your Strategy to Navigate Inventory Shortages

Our complimentary client virtual event–The Dealer User Summit–has come to a close, –and we are still buzzing with all the energy from the attendees, presenters, and new ideas shared.    

Fortunately, there’s still time to learn and leverage all the best practices sessions from our expert Performance Managers. You can now access any sessions you missed on-demand until the end of this month. Simply register, follow the instructions, and select “Watch Broadcast” under the session title you’d like to view.  

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Digital Marketing for Your Re-emergence: Website UX Best Practices

The challenges dealers have faced during the last few months have reshaped the market. As you think about restarting your operations, consider this question: what did COVID-19 teach us about consumers and their sales and service needs? What customer conveniences are likely to stick around, and what digital marketing skills will continue to be key drivers? Watch this webinar to learn about website best practices.

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Promoting Dealer Home Services: Bring Your Dealership to Your Customers

Is your dealership scheduling home delivery, at-home test drives, or remote vehicle servicing? Are you new to digital retailing? Whatever the situation, your Digital Storefront needs to keep you connected to shoppers and communicate your services. Join Noah Lee, head of product consulting, as he reviews steps you can take to market Dealer Home Services.

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