For personalized training, please contact your Digital Storefront Performance Manager.

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Welcome. We’re excited to partner on this journey together to help you engage with more shoppers and close more deals. With Accelerate My Deal on your website, you’ll now be able to offer shoppers the flexibility and convenience they want and drive the profits you need.

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Dealer Resources:

Ensure a quick and successful start

Check out the welcome guide to help launch your Accelerate My Deal program. This guide includes required information for launch, settings and a walkthrough of the shopper experience.


Free Marketing Images

Marketing your car buying experience is key. Download images to get started or work with the managed services team for custom branding and ideas.


Top Tips

Now is the time to adapt to today’s car buyers. View the top six tips we recommend for making the most out of your solution.


Working with a reduced staff or need to know the best way to respond to a digital retailing lead? Watch an on-demand session of one of our latest webinars.

Roles, Responsibilities and Best Practices Guide

Identify the key players in your dealership who will play a part in this new way of selling and learn how to understand your Accelerate My Deal leads when they come in.


Stories of Success

See how large dealer group Driver’s Village is seeing success with digital retailing and how you can incorporate some of the same best practices.

Training Videos

Get Up To Speed

1. How to Configure Monthly Payments with Payment Driver

2. Setting up Different Protection, F&I Offerings

3. VinSolutions Connect CRM Integration

4. VinSolutions Desking Integrations

5. The Difference Between Leads & Accelerate My Deal Deals

6. Finding Accelerate My Deal Deals in Dealertrack uniFI

For personalized training, please contact your Digital Storefront Performance Manager.