Go big on the small screen.

accessible Video Advertising
from Dealer.com.

With nearly four million automotive video views each day on YouTube alone, according to 2018 data from its parent company Google, consumption of video is growing rapidly among automotive shoppers. But resource gaps have kept some dealers from advertising on lucrative video advertising channels like YouTube and Facebook.  

Dealer.com is helping dealers close this gap by offering a video solution that delivers highquality video assets that promote your inventory and dealership services on these high-impact channels. 

Join Jonathan Torrey, Product Manager, Video Advertising at Dealer.com, as he discusses the effectiveness of video advertising today and showcases the brandnew solution that makes video content creation fast, easy, and more accessible than ever. 

Jon will also take your questions live. 

Join us December 5 or December 10, 2019 at 2 p.m. EST