4 Steps to Prepare Your Digital Advertising for The Big Game

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Omaha! New York Bozo! Cougar, Cougar, Linda!


You hear some crazy things around and during the game but there’s one thing that makes sense to everyone: it’s a big deal.


Whether they’re watching for the sport or the commercials, viewers come by the millions – 114.4 million per minute in 2015, to be exact – making the game the most watched event in American TV history.


Assuming that you don’t have the five million dollars required for a 30-second commercial during the game, we’ve got some recommendations on how you can still take advantage of those 220 million+ eyeballs.


From TV to device.


Engagements with ads shown during the event don’t die out with the game clock but actually experience a huge increase in search volume continuing 3-5 days after. Viewers jump from their TVs to their mobile or desktop devices to view the commercials again and further research the featured new make or model in the case of automotive ads. As OEMs run commercials during the game, they’re automatically generating demand in your market, on your behalf, and it’s too easy for you not to take advantage of the opportunity.


Step 1: Identify the model each OEM is going to push (look here if you don’t know).


Step 2: If your OEM is advertising during the game, review your inventory. Do you have this model advertised in stock, and are you currently running a paid search campaign for it?


If your OEM is not advertising during the game, review your inventory. Do you have a competitive model in stock that you could run a paid search conquest campaign for? (Read this article if you want to understand how effective conquests can be.)


Step 3: Display. Your OEM or competitor is taking care of the commercials during the big game but you can be the star of your local market (at a fraction of the cost). Dynamic display ads ride the tide of automotive interest generated by the event with your dealership’s brand, inventory, and offers within your local market. These ads can increase your engagement and brand recognition with your customer base in advance of the big selling month of March.


Step 4: Increase your ad spend now. The game may be a two weeks away but you want to get your digital advertising campaign oiled and ready now. Increasing your budget is like pressing on the accelerator: your MPG may drop when you first apply pressure but it’ll settle back to normal once it gets up to speed. Don’t accelerate too late and be left behind.


Annie Ode is the advertising product marketing manager at Dealer.com