Display Advertising – Now Exclusively Running on HTML5 Format

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Why should you care? What was it running on before? What is a display ad? Keep reading!


Display ads are interest generators, making new shoppers aware of your brand and inventory while they browse the web – from major content sites like, to vehicle research sites like Retargeted ads are display ads that keep your message top of mind after shoppers leave your site and travel elsewhere online. Dynamic vehicle ads are used for both display and retargeted ads. They’re display ads that place a scrolling gallery of vehicles in front of likely buyers automatically and across the web.


So why should you care that these ads are now in HTML5? Because your other option is Adobe Flash. But with current headlines like these floating around the Internet (Adobe confirms major Flash vulnerability; The only way to protect yourself is to uninstall Flash), a digital advertiser has to wonder just how long Adobe Flash is going to continue to exist.


It turns out that the byte-code that Adobe uses to serve display ads gives hackers a direct line into any user’s computer, allowing the hacker to take complete control of your machine. That’s not good. Shoppers are now uninstalling Flash on their computers, making your display ads (if your provider hasn’t transitioned over to HTML5) appears as a black box, which is as scary as it sounds.


It doesn’t end there. Even if your shoppers haven’t uninstalled Flash, the software is blocked by Google Chrome, and Safari, as well as on mobile devices. Who uses Chrome or Safari? Sixty-one percent of shoppers. Consider, too, how many shoppers are on their phones and tablets on a daily basis. HTML5 ads consume less battery life and processing and memory resources. Users LOVE that. switched over to HTML5 to provide our clients with superior security and browsing consistency and engagement across every browser.


With the change to HTML5, expanded from just three to five display sizes offered, including two of the highest performing mobile sizes. We now offer the 300×600 size, whose top of page placement has some of the highest click-through and conversion rates in the industry. Finally, these ads allow for much better performance tracking and analysis. These ads are infinitely more measurable than their Flash counterparts, allowing to determine which ads are highest performing and put them in front of your most valuable customers.


So, get psyched about HTML5 – that is, if your digital advertising provider has made the switch, of course.


Annie Ode is Advertising Product Marketing Manager at