Digital Marketing Essentials in 2022 and Beyond

2022 is a critical and transformative year for auto dealer marketing. For the first time in 20 years, the industry is experiencing a dramatic shift. The way dealers advertise to consumers is fundamentally changing in light of new trends to protect consumer privacy. And most dealers are scrambling to find the right balance between preserving marketing capabilities and operating within these new consumer protection practices.  

Bob George, AVP of Products at, recently teamed up with Automotive News to host a webinar all about auto digital marketing in 2022 and beyond. Specifically, he discussed how dealers can maximize their marketing results and better understand consumer privacy trends, while also answering several common dealership questions, including:  

  • What does it mean to advertise in a “cookie-less” landscape?  
  • What are first-party data solutions and how can dealers activate them?  
  • How can dealers continue to deliver consumer-first, connected shopping experiences?  

Watch the webinar to see how your dealership can prepare for impending changes and leverage new opportunities to personalize your automotive marketing and stay a step ahead of the competition in a new auto advertising landscape.  

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Webinar: Digital Marketing in 2022