Four Tips for a Shining Advertising Strategy this Holiday Season


The holidays are here, and there’s plenty of evidence that this shopping season will be the most digitally connected yet.


According to one projection, online sales will increase at least 13.5 percent compared with 2013. Shopper confidence due to lower gas prices and a recovering economy helps support the overall feelings of good retail tidings. When you consider Google data that shows automotive query volume at its highest during the holiday period, it becomes obvious that dealers need to optimize their digital advertising strategy during the holiday season to capitalize on shopper enthusiasm.

Here are four tips to get your digital advertising strategy in the holiday spirit:

1. Fill the top of the funnel – With so many people already online this holiday season, get shoppers in the awareness and consideration phases through Network and Premium Display. By driving this traffic to your website, you are gathering these shoppers into a remarketing list, which will help keep your brand top of mind as they consider a possible holiday car purchase.

2. Keep your dealership visible – With car sales up year-over-year, so too is digital activity, and the opportunities for your competition to steal your business. Make sure your campaigns are fully funded to defend the brand name you have worked so hard to build.

3. Align your advertising campaigns with manufacturers’ ad investments –It’s always a good idea to align your dealership campaigns with OEMs’ national advertising efforts; but it’s critical during the holidays. Manufacturers invest millions this time of year in an effort to help clear out old inventory to make room for incoming models. By aligning your own dealership’s display advertising creative with the manufacturer’s national campaigns, you are turbocharging your ad investment through association.

4. Communicate your holiday goals with your digital team – Is your dealership pushing pre-owned vehicles? Is there a specific new model you’d like to move? Keeping clear and consistent communication with your digital advertising partners will ensure professional recommendations to make this holiday season a very happy one.