Retargeting And Display Advertising

Take advantage of connectivity across our full suite of products to generate demand with dependable consumer targeting that reaches in-market shoppers wherever they are online.


Reach shoppers across the most relevant networks.

Promote your inventory and services by delivering cost-efficient, effective, and attractive digital ads to potential buyers wherever they browse online, influencing their decisions throughout their path to purchase. Plus, reach in-market shoppers browsing automotive research sites like Autotrader, Kelley Blue Book, NADA Guides, and more, using Cox Automotive’s endemic display network.

Make sure your advertising creative mirrors your website experience. now leverages the same award-winning personalization technology that powers our website experience to deliver more personalized display ad retargeting. Consumers who visit your site looking for service may now be retargeted with fixed-ops related display ad content. In addition, consumers who initiate automotive digital retailing activities on your website can now be retargeted with messaging aimed at encouraging them to return to that process.


Target the right shopper with the right message.

Our proprietary Machine Learning and Real-time Bidding platform harnesses the industry’s richest consumer data set, delivering you optimal ad relevance and maximum return on investment. This technology analyzes prior ad performance, vehicle detail page engagement, and browsing trends in real-time to ensure your ads are served to the most relevant buyers in your market.

Establish your vision.

A guide to delivering the digital experience car shoppers want and expect.

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Retarget shoppers who visit your website or interact with video advertising.

Our complementary products – retargeting and connected video advertising turn prospects into shoppers by delivering relevant vehicle ad offers the ability to keep your Brand top of mind with your shoppers. Whether the shopper is on your website or has interacted with your video ad, use our data to retarget and keep your shopper engaged.


Secure your investment with the industry’s ad security leader.

Our partnerships with White Ops and the Trustworthy Accountability Group detect and block bots and non-human traffic, protecting your investment from wasteful ad fraud.

Enjoy the benefits of strong ad design.

Our UX-optimized, OEM-compliant ads and ad types ensure uniformity of your brand to consumers on all devices. Our expansive gallery of display creative was created with the consumer and compliance in mind. From dynamic vehicle ads to those that feature incentives and dealership branding, to ads that reflect regional or national offers, our display ad creative is designed to extend your brand and your lot to all corners of the web. 

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Get started today. captures and generates new customer demand more effectively than ever before. Our technology works by connecting your website and inventory with every major digital advertising exchange, extending your reach and driving shoppers to your dealership.

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