How Effective is Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

In the new age of online car sales, your digital marketing is more important than ever, and increasingly so. In fact, traditional marketing like radio spots, TV ads, and billboards, generate just $1,702 in profit per vehicle sold, while digital marketing generates $2,514 per vehicle sold. As your dealership delves into the new age of automotive marketing, ask yourself the following questions to gauge the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategy.  

1. What does your digital traffic say about your SEO?  

If your digital traffic has slowed, you may not be doing enough to connect with your target audience. Custom content like blog posts, news articles, vehicle pages, and more can make your website more relevant and return search results for in-market shoppers. Partner with a proven team of SEO experts to optimize your SEO strategy for local search and enhance your site’s visibility.  

2. Does your campaign creative attract quality customers?  

The quality of your digital traffic is just as important as the quantity, if not more important. If few of your website visitors are turning into actual leads, you have may have a problem with the type of customers you’re attracting. Speak directly to your target audience by delivering compelling, strategic campaign creative every month. Review your creative often to ensure that your campaigns are performing to expectations and evolving to meet needs of your customers. 

3. What’s your dealership’s digital reputation?  

Customers sometimes say the darndest things, and your online audience is listening. For better and for worse, customers are persuaded and dissuaded from shopping at your dealership after reading online reviews. Make sure your dealership has a comprehensive review and response plan. Cultivate a steady stream of positive customer reviews and a plan for dealing with the negative ones promptly. Doing so will help you leverage your reviews as a viable marketing tool to boost sales and bottom line. 

4. What does your website say about your dealership?  

You can drive all the traffic to your dealership’s website that you want, if your customers don’t like what they see when they get there, it doesn’t really matter. An overwhelming 76.5% of people say that the look and credibility of a website are among the top factors in deciding to make a purchase. Make sure that your website content is aligned with your overall digital marketing strategy by keeping your creative and content consistent with what’s actually on your site.  

Automotive marketing is evolving. Is your dealership’s digital strategy evolving too? To learn more about how you can keep your digital marketing strategy up-to-date, see our checklist Modern Marketing for Modern Dealers.  


Modern Marketing Checklist

A digital marketing checklist for modern dealerships.