How to Retain and Resell Current Customers

Your customers’ relationship with your dealership shouldn’t end with the handoff of the keys to their new vehicle. Successful dealerships know how much value there is in maintaining customer relationships after the deal has closed.   

With strong strategies and advanced technology, you can maintain customer relationships that last a lifetime—bringing more value and efficiency to your business. Consider these best practices for retaining and reselling your customers.  

Track Customer Activity and Mine Behavioral Data  
Today’s most successful dealerships know that the key to retaining customers is proactively connecting with them, instead of waiting for the customer to reach out for information about a new vehicle. And while happy birthday and anniversary wishes are nice, they probably won’t cut it in the fierce competition for business today.  

Your dealership probably already has the customer data you need to implement a proactive outreach strategy that provides value to your customers. Leveraging your dealership’s data and technology can help you identify in-market opportunities, including existing customers that may be ready for a vehicle upgrade.  

Look for technology tools that integrate with your dealership website to aggregate data into insights. With VinSolutions, for example, your website data is integrated with your CRM to identify customers who are most likely to be ready to make another purchase.  

Segment Communications and Automate Marketing  
Just as consumers expect a personalized experience when shopping for a vehicle, your customers expect a personalized experience later in their ownership experience with your dealership. But delivering the type of personalization your customers expect can be difficult without the right auto digital marketing solution.   

Consider a multi-channel automated marketing solution, such as Automotive Marketing Platform powered by VinSolutions. This marketing tool enables you to deliver personalized marketing content by leveraging specific insights from customer behavior data.  

Using existing customer data from your CRM, an automated marketing tool segments customers who are most likely to buy, including customers who may be interested in trading in for a newer vehicle. For another value-add, Automotive Marketing Platform can leverage artificial intelligence to identify vehicles of interest and automatically send personalized offers that let customers start the deal process from anywhere on any device. 

By tracking customer online activity, mining CRM data, segmenting communications, and automating your marketing, you can leverage insights to create a car buying experience that builds brand loyalty and creates lifetime customers.  

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