Optimize your virtual showroom with personalized shopping, digital retailing, and unmatched mobile flexibility. allows you to create and control a complete virtual showroom. Our mobile-first website platform delivers unmatched mobile and desktop flexibility, comprehensive inventory merchandising, personalized shopper experiences, Accelerate Digital Retailing, and groundbreaking connectivity with Autotrader®, Kelley Blue Book®, vAuto®, Dealertrack®, and other Cox Automotive solutions. This unrivaled combination transcends traditional website limitations, allowing you to optimize every aspect of your digital marketing strategy.



Shoppers browse differently on mobile devices than they do on computers. Websites are Responsive with Server-Side elements, a truly mobile-first approach to website design that delivers the flexibility to customize mobile experiences based on mobile shopping behaviors. Similar to other eCommerce experiences like Apple or Amazon, websites maximize user experience on every device without sacrificing speed or search ranking.


Based on extensive quantitative research and quantitative testing, Vehicle Deal Pages enhance one of the most critical steps in the shopper journey—the VDP view—by incorporating intuitive mobile-first design with an integrated digital retailing experience. The result is a best-in-class inventory experience for every vehicle and a transparent gateway to more deals.


Powered by technology and insights only available from, Autotrader and Kelley Blue Book, Experience Optimization creates data-driven personalization across your website and gets shoppers in front of the vehicles and specials that matter most to them. Easily turn a shopper’s journey into tangible results by personalizing their experience.




Accelerate Digital Retailing delivers the ultimate virtual showroom experience, creating an uninterrupted and transparent path to purchase. Available across websites, Autotrader, and Kelley Blue Book, Accelerate Digital Retailing gives prospective buyers a seamless online shopping process regardless of their digital journey, while you control key the stages of the deal-making experience. The result is an online to in-store sales workflow that saves customers time and sells cars faster.


Accurately and automatically deliver OEM and dealership incentives in-line with your inventory and across your website experience. Specials Campaign Manager simplifies on-site promotion of offers and incentives, helping you easily create, manage and deploy specials creative across your website experience in just a few clicks.


Enjoy the industry’s most secure online retailing experience through site-wide HTTPS encryption. Now included on all Websites, this technology safeguards customer data across every page of your website, ensuring security and confidentiality throughout a shopper’s digital journey—from online form submissions to financial queries and deals.

A Superior Shopper Experience on All Devices.

Most websites are built with either a responsive design or a server-side detection approach, which delivers device- specific content. Websites combine responsive elements with server-side technology. This mobile-first philosophy gives our clients unmatched flexibility to configure the mobile and desktop experiences based on how shoppers use these devices.

Mobile First Websites nVision

Manage your Complete Virtual Showroom.

Select from tens of thousands of design choices adjustable in real-time, create new pages, specials campaigns, and configure pricing and merchandise inventory, all within a comprehensive back-end interface that includes training resources, tutorials, and total control over your entire digital strategy.

Transform Leads into Deals with Accelerate Digital Retailing. Websites transcend the traditional boundaries of online “lead generation” through Cox Automotive’s Accelerate Digital Retailing technolog, which allows you to start and make complete deals online, on every device. Homepage Slideshows

Curate Personalized Shopping Experiences.’s Experience Optimization technology allows you to leverage each shopper’s unique online shopping behavior—whether from your site or on Autotrader and Kelley Blue Book—and automatically serve them personalized specials creative along with recommended inventory in real-time across your website experience.

Measure and Maximize your Performance.

Our Analytics platform was built to ensure you know exactly who is visiting your website, and help you deliver content that moves those shoppers closer to a purchase. Part of nVision, Cox Automotive’s all new end-to-end performance hub, Analytics deliver insight into customer buying intent with data-driven behavioral analytics and groundbreaking marketing attribution. nVision

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