How to Serve Relevant Paid Search Ad Content to Your Most Likely Buyers



Digital advertising is a little like online dating: in order to be successful, you’ve got to unleash your reach.


With online dating, you’ve got to set up and manage a few accounts on sites like Match, Tinder, and OKCupid. With digital advertising, you’ve got to diversify your investment across all of the available channels: paid search, retargeting, and display. In both instances, if done well, you achieve the greatest reach in your market, allowing you to go after the highest quality and most attractive demand.


Once you connect with an attractive demand opportunity, however, it’s important to focus your efforts. You still want those other channels open to monitor the market, but it’s in your best interest to put more energy and attention toward the most available candidate to ensure the best ROI.


In online dating, that means focusing on things like a solid text game and creative date choices in order to ensure your best possible chances at a relationship. In digital advertising, it comes down to making your investment work harder for those shoppers that have already shown interest in your inventory. Remarketing lists for search ads (RLSAs) can help you achieve this.


Unlike standard search campaigns where your bids, ads, and keywords are the same for every search and shopper, RLSAs allow you to track shoppers who’ve already visited your website and serve top position ads to them the next time they’re on a search engine, driving them back to your website. In other words, RLSAs give you the knowledge needed to bid higher on specific search ads in an effort to get to the top ad spot, thus increasing your visibility and the chances that those targeted shoppers will choose to revisit your website.


As with retargeted display ads, RLSAs let you put your energy and investment into the shoppers most likely to convert: those that have already shown interest in your brand and your inventory. Focus your time and money on this existing demand, which inherently has the highest potential for conversion.


Talk to your digital advertising provider to see if RLSAs are part of its paid search strategy for your dealership. If it isn’t, you’re missing out on the start of many beautiful customer relationships.


Annie Ode is the advertising product marketing manager at