Get The Most from Performance Management 

At we believe partnership and accountability are key to lasting success at your dealership.  

That’s why we have a talented team of Performance Managers to offer expert digital marketing for car dealers. From delivering monthly insights to tweak your short-term digital marketing strategy, to ensuring you’re using our technology to seize every opportunity, your Performance Manager is always focused on your success.  

Are you already a and want to know how to best partner with your Performance Manager? Or are you thinking about partnering with the only end-to-end digital marketing in the industry? Here’s an overview of how our digital marketing experts can give you the tools to run a successful dealership. 

What to Expect 

You can expect your Digital Storefront Performance Manager to work with your team to show you the dos and don’ts of digital marketing and retailing, the strategies that drive sales, and the winning formulas that have worked with other dealers. With, you get  

  • Direct access to a skilled digital marketing expert with extensive experience in the automotive industry 
  • Proven marketing and branding strategies to help you stand out from the competition 
  • Best practices to work into your marketing, digital retailing, and sales processes 

The Power of True Digital Marketing Partnership 

Your Digital Storefront Performance Manager is always focused on your dealership’s success. Through regular consultation meetings, you get expert digital marketing and digital retailing advice and insights to customize your digital marketing strategy and ensure that you’re getting the most out of your solution to seize every sales opportunity. 

“We could not be happier with our experience from the website management to the automotive digital advertising. But most importantly the genuine team effort that our Performance Managers bring to the table.”  

Kara Berry Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Keller Ford, Michigan 

Get The Most from Performance Management  

With an average of at least three years of experience in automotive sales, Digital Storefront Performance Managers deliver digital marketing expertise, unrivaled industry knowledge, and a unique understanding of Cox Automotive technologies to help you run a successful digital dealership. Follow a dedicated support model with a team comprised of directors, managers, and digital marketers committed to implementing strategy changes. 

Ready to put the power and expertise of our Digital Storefront Performance Managers to work for your dealership? Schedule a consultation today.