Capture consumer demand for your inventory and fixed operations. Advertising combines more than a decade of digital advertising experience along with in-market shopper data and Cox Automotive business intelligence to deliver the most effective automotive advertising portfolio aligned to your strategy. Our platform deploys personalized, integrated ad campaigns that use advanced data-targeting, AI, and impactful creative to reach prospective vehicle buyers and owners through paid search, display, social media and video channels.

Retargeting & Display

Reach in-market shoppers across every major network with rich content featuring your most relevant vehicles and dealership services.

Paid Search

Capture prime real estate on search engines with the most compelling ad copy bolstered by vAuto real market data.

Social Advertising

Drive in-market shoppers to your website from major social networks and emerging media channels.

Video Advertising

Bring your vehicles and dealership services to life, while capturing local awareness on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Smarter Advertising

Showcase your vehicles and dealership services to shoppers at all stages of the consumer journey—to capture existing demand and drive new interest.

Integrations that Make a Difference

We deliver your inventory and fixed operations ad campaigns to the  most relevant in-market audiences visible through data integrations and real-time business intelligence exclusive to and Cox Automotive.

Flex Your Portfolio

Backed by digital marketing expertise and our proprietary Compass Advertising Intelligence engine, you’ll build a dealership advertising portfolio that can pivot when you need it to and focuses solely on the strategy you set and the vehicles most likely to move.

Secure Your Investment

Our partnerships with White Ops and the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) monitor and protect your car dealer advertising investment from bots, artificial traffic, and ad fraud.

The Power is in the Portfolio

A multi-channel, data-powered, and dealer-first portfolio strategy drives more high-quality traffic, website engagement, and leads.*

*Dealers using search and retargeting channels vs. those using search, display, retargeting, social (Facebook) and SEO. May-October 2019.

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