Reach and engage more buyers across every device with the industry’s premier digital advertising solution.

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Dealer.com Advertising makes it possible to influence consumer demand at every stage of today’s digitally-driven shopping process. Integrated ad campaigns use advanced data-targeting capability to reach likely in-market buyers across paid search, display, social and video channels. It’s an advertising solution that is innovative, efficient and effective.

Generate demand.

Influencing shoppers who are in the early stages of their automotive shopping process helps to drive demand for your vehicles and services. Display advertising, Facebook advertising, and video advertising are core components of a strong demand generation strategy. Dealer.com provides the industry’s premier solution for generating demand.


Accelerate demand with real-time display to influence the right shopper at the right time.


Extend your reach and connectivity through the power of tailored and targeted social media campaigns on Facebook.


Connect audiences with your virtual showroom experience through video.

Capture demand.

Once a shopper has determined which vehicle or service they’re looking for, demand capture techniques like paid search and retargeting help to drive the shopper to your virtual showroom and dealership.


Paid Search

Capture more existing demand with award-winning search solutions.


Stay connected to every shopper, on every device, at every moment.

Strategic Support and Partnership

You’re never on your own with Dealer.com. Our teams proactively partner with you to align your strategy and budget with our technology. Once your dealership’s campaigns are underway, dedicated Digital Advisors monitor them on your behalf, optimizing for results and providing detailed monthly insights.

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