Six Last Minute Website Tips for Black Friday Success



With Halloween now behind us, it’s time to stop thinking orange and start thinking red, white, green, and…black?


While November ushers in the start to the holiday shopping season, it’s Black Friday that sends millions of bargain-hunting consumers into retail overdrive. For car dealers, this means a huge opportunity to use Black Friday’s boost to move this year’s remaining cars to make room for next year’s inventory.


In our last post, we discussed how to sync your digital advertising with Black Friday. A strong website strategy, geared toward holiday shopping, is also one of the best ways to make your dealership the brightest on the block, thus increasing the likelihood of meeting your end-of-year goals.


Understanding that website updates can take a few weeks or more to impact search rank, here are six last minute tips you should consider now before the airwaves are flooded with holiday commercials and Black Friday is upon us.


1. Think ahead.

It’s not too late to build landing pages for your best deals and update existing content to fall in line with other marketing efforts.


2. Make deals easy to find.

Update your site navigation and anchor text to link to landing pages for specific vehicles, special offers, coupons, and events.


3. Make sure your conversion machine is working well.

Cyber Monday is not the time to test your conversion funnels – make sure you’ve tested funnels ahead of time to be sure you’ll capture the results of your marketing efforts.


4. Think social.

Publish events, deals, and specials, and link to your custom landing pages via your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. With holiday sales just about here, there’s plenty of great content waiting for eager shoppers with a social appetite.


5. Utilize mobile.

Make sure the mobile version of your website pages are formatted for optimal user experience. Pages built for desktop users can be trimmed down for more effective mobile usage.


6. Don’t forget traditional media. 

A holistic marketing approach includes digital strategies like SEO and digital advertising, as well as traditional media like radio, television, and print.


Black Friday is a busy shopping day, there’s no doubt. But it’s merely a comma in the long sentence that is the two-month holiday shopping season. Which is why it’s important to think long-term with your website and Automotive SEO strategy. Understand that optimizing your website experience is a continuous process that calls for monthly analysis and evaluation. Results take time to materialize. Planning ahead is key. Luckily, these last minutes tips can help make your dealership sparkle in the coming weeks as the holiday lights of the season start to shine bright.