Video Advertising: Connect Your Audience with Your Inventory

“Help Me Sell More Cars” is Evolving 

From the industry’s earliest days, dealerships have had the same singular goal: sell more cars.

And, while increasing sales is probably still at the top of your priority list, the goal has shifted in recent years. Now, you want to sell more cars while maintaining or, better yet, reducing your advertising budget.

Enter digital video advertising. 

Digital Video Advertising is Underpriced

A good advertiser is always on the lookout for under-valued channels that meet the client’s needs, and digital video platforms do this while also being seamless and scalable to execute. Those channels deliver qualified leads because they meet shoppers where they are. Advertise to the right people, at the right time and in the right place.  You can buy an audience’s focused attention through digital channels for far less than is possible through established channels like television. Digital video advertising campaigns built using the platform are achieving $.02 and $.03 cost per 15-second video view, getting your brand and inventory in front of someone on a channel they’re already using. And you never pay for shoppers that watch less than 15 seconds.

Shopper Behavior is Changing 

Of course, an advertising channel is only as good as the audience that’s consuming it. You could have the best marketing message in the world, but if you advertise it on a channel that encourages skipping or grabbing snacks during commercial breaks, you’ll be hard-pressed to drive results. 

Fortunately, we know that shoppers are consuming video content on channels like YouTube and Facebook. In fact, they are using video to educate themselves at every step of the buyer journey. There are 4 million in-market auto videos viewed on YouTube every single day. Digital test drives now outnumber in-dealership test drives two to one. After all, watching 3-minute walkarounds on YouTube requires less time and energy than reading articles or visiting showrooms.  This combines with the fact that we can target better with in-market audience data based on past search history, so we know they will actually watch the ads.

A Content Shortage and the Solution

Okay, so you’re bought into digital video advertising as an undervalued channel with the power to reach quality audiences that actually see your videos. But where will you get all that video content?  

You guessed it— can help. 

We built an automated video solution that incorporates the vehicles and offers you want to showcase into existing video templates. You can even customize them with branded taglines and information. Then, from within the platform, you can launch your videos at scale across YouTube and Facebook. And if you decide you want something more personalized, we have premium custom packages that incorporate footage of your dealership, custom graphics, custom animations, and more.

The Time is Now

Like all advertising channels, digital video advertising may get more expensive as demand grows. Don’t miss your opportunity to get into digital video at the right time. With Video Advertising from, you can incorporate this exciting channel seamlessly into your existing advertising effort to improve results and increase sales. 

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