Deliver a virtual deal-making experience shoppers expect.

Completely Connected End-to-End Experience

Personalized Monthly Payments

Let shoppers personalize a real monthly loan or lease payment automatically configured to realistic buying scenarios based on their unique conditions and preferences.

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Deal-Building Communication Tools

Assist shoppers through deals and boost your virtual car sales with live Video Chat and CoBrowse capabilities available directly in Digital Retailing Tools on VDPs. Shoppers can chat or share their screens as you guide them through the deal creation process.

Frictionless trade-valuation.

Eliminate contentious trade negotiations and give car buyers a greater sense of control by leveraging Kelley Blue Book, the industry’s most trusted name in vehicle valuation.

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Simple and secure financing.

Our automotive digital retailing software also includes a secure, online credit approval process, allowing you to reduce transaction time and potential deal friction. Finalize the deal structure and credit app process seamlessly through integration with Dealertrack F&I or RouteOne platforms.

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Monthly F&I Offerings

Boost back-end gross profits by allowing shoppers to select F&I products by monthly payments factored into the overall deal.

More shoppers are
More likely to
submit leads1

Higher gross

Proven Results offers automotive digital retail solutions that give prospective buyers the interactive and simple online shopping experience they want—the proof is in the results. Shoppers who submit digital retailing leads close 6x more than traditional online leads. Digital Retailing leads close with 28% higher profit than non-digital retailing leads.

1SOURCE: Comparison of visits with vs. without digital retailing activities, hosted websites (June-Nov 2019)

2Cox Automotive Accelerate platform Close Rate and Profit Analysis (Jan 2019-Aug 2019);sold leads from Digital Retailing compared to other Cox Automotive leads excludes active leads (open opportunities not lost or sold).

Streamlined workflow for seamless deals.

Digital Retailing and VinSolutions are integrated to streamline deals by consolidating multiple leads into one clear view in Connect CRM and allowing sales teams to transfer deal terms directly into Connect Desking.

“There are a lot of digital retailing products out there. We chose the Cox Automotive Digital Retailing product because of the ease of use for the consumer and the connectivity to the banks. All the others just give you a nice lead. But when we joined Cox Automotive Digital Retailing, it was actually a true deal that was coming in and not just a lead.”

Firas Makhlouf
Firas Makhlouf,
Driver’s Village

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