Website Accessibility and AudioEye take the guesswork out of ADA Compliance, so you can deliver a premium experience for every consumer.

Digital Accessibility is a foundational part of who we are. It aligns with our mission to deliver technology that helps dealers master consumer expectations and build enduring client relationships.

What is the idea?

Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act prohibits discrimination of disabled persons in “places of public accommodation,” which in today’s digital age, is inclusive of both a business’ online properties as well as their brick and mortar locations. Businesses who fail to comply with ADA-established Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) are subject to potential litigation. Last year alone, the number of Federal Web Accessibility lawsuits tripled.[1]

Website Technology and ADA Compliance

Compliance management is a collaboration between you and your technology partner.

As your technology partner, is always iterating to increase platform accessibility. For more than a year, Websites have undergone many ADA-specific updates natively within our platform, creating a foundation for a more compliant experience through our new Design System. Here are a few examples of the enhancements we’ve made:

  • Text and background colors and contrast ratios are within the guidelines set by the ADA’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).
  • Forms are built to be navigable via keyboard alone.
  • Updates to’s Composer content management system have resolved many other platform-related compliance issues, such as making overlays distinguishable from their backgrounds.

Our Accessibility Solution’s Website Accessibility Solution ensures dealers securely navigate ADA Compliance while delivering a premium, personalized digital storefront experience for consumers of all abilities.


Powered by AudioEye, the industry’s most experienced accessibility experts, our solution includes both a toolbar and a managed service, which safeguards dealers with accessibility protection and constant vigilance across the entire website experience. By applying regular automated and manual accessibility testing along with assistive technology like screen readers, this solution takes the guesswork out of compliance management, and lifts any burden off the dealer. Features of our solution include:


Certified Accessibility
A certification badge informs end-users that the website is compliant and continuously monitored by third-party digital accessibility subject matter experts, to substantially conform with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).


Manual Accessibility Testing
Manual Accessibility tools test the website using specific browser combinations that help ensure the user experience is evaluated in ways that provide the highest level of coverage for the most common use-cases.


Assistive Technology
In addition to ensuring the website maintains an optimal user experience for all, the toolbar presents all site visitors with options to personalize their user experience. Many of the features made available from the toolbar further improve WCAG compliance and, most importantly, provide end-users with customization options that allow them to tailor the user experience to meet their needs, regardless of their individual abilities.


24/7 Support
Included within the suite of tools, our solution supports a 24/7 web accessibility helpdesk that provides end-users with options to submit accessibility-related issues, which further mitigates compliance risk.