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Precision Digital Advertising, Powered by Cox Automotive

You need to connect your vehicles and dealership services with in-market shoppers. We have the flexible, intelligent and secure advertising platform to make this happen. Dealer.com Advertising solutions combine more than a decade of digital advertising experience, unmatched in-market shopper data, and exclusive Cox Automotive business intelligence.Get the most effective advertising portfolio aligned to your strategy.

The Power is in the Portfolio

A multi-channel, data-powered, dealer-first portfolio drives more high-quality traffic, website engagement, and leads. 


Dealer.com’s enhanced advertising solution delivers these key benefits:

248% More Visits

261% More VDP Views

224% More Leads

234% More Quality Visits

Dealers using search and retargeting channels vs. those using search, display, retargeting, Facebook and SEO. May-October 2019.

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Your Potential?

Precision advertising connects the right shopper to the right vehicle or service at the right time, every time. 


Smarter Channel Investments

Reach shoppers wherever they are online. Our platform deploys personalized, integrated ad campaigns that use advanced data-targeting, AI, and impactful creative. Attract prospective buyers and owners through search, display, social media and video channels.  


Superior Consumer Data

The breadth of data available across the Cox Automotive enterprise is your strategic advantage—no other automotive advertising partner comes close. Capitalize on buying signals from 3 of 4 automotive transactions for more relevant campaigns and more precise advertising content.


Agile Portfolio Management

Backed by an Advertising Performance Manager and our proprietary Compass Advertising Intelligence engine, build an advertising portfolio that can pivot when you need it toPrioritize the vehicles and campaigns that are going to move metal and create new opportunities for all your profit centers. 


Protection from Fraud

As your automotive advertising partner, we do more  to protect each dollar of your investment. We partner with White Ops and the Trustworthy Accountability Group, two fraud-busting powerhouses that detect bots and artificial traffic, making sure your ads reach real automotive shoppers.

What's New

We are here to support you with recommendations on how to personalize your advertising, reach out to customers, and syndicate your new sales process. Explore the latest innovations. 

Turnkey Video Advertising

Deploy fast, flexible agency-grade videos to reach in-market shoppers on high value video channels like Facebook and YouTube.

Advertising on Pinterest

Expand your social advertising network by connecting with future-focused, in-market shoppers that are ready to take action.

Personalized Fixed Operations Advertising

Leverage Cox Automotive data to target high ROI out-of-market shoppers with service promotions.

Fixed Operations Search Engine Marketing

Feature dealership service pricing with the exclusive Xtime solutions integration.  

Advertising Experts to Guide Your Strategy

Enjoy the added expertise and guidance of a highly trained Advertising Performance Consultant.

Right-sized Packages and Fees

Select from diverse package levels so you only pay for the channels, integrations, and tools you need to achieve your goals.

We Deliver Results

Downey’s month-over-month spend increases have yielded higher traffic, VDP engagement and lead volume across all major advertising channels, all while costs have remained steady.


“Mario has done a phenomenal job—my entire team has. They are knowledgeable and know what needs to be done. I see nothing but great results.”


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