Style Guide


Vehicle Photography

Our vehicle photography is centered around extreme closeups of sections of a car, they should feel abstract and artistic yet clearly distinguishable as a vehicle.


To ensure images are impactful, utilize dramatic crops and tweak coloration to match DDC brand colors. Choose automotive photos that can be cropped in dynamic ways. We want our vehicle photography to feel abstract but still distinguishable as a vehicle.

car photography
car photography 3
car photography 2

Lifestyle Photography

With lifestyle photography, we communicate automotive not through extreme closeups but
through human experience. The car is never the overt focal point, rather the consumer’s satisfaction through either owning their car, through a smooth shopping experience, is what we focus on.


Choose lifestyle photography that shows a human experience. We want to showcase our customer’s happiness with their car ownership and their smooth car shopping experience.


Choose device photography that shows the buyer in a candid state. We don’t want our device photography to feel staged and look like other brands.

lifestyle photography
lifestyle photography 2
lifestyle photography 3

Forward Slash

This slashed pattern conveys perpetual motion and a constant upwards trend. Together with our bold typography It helps emphasize movement and success.

Group 104
Mask Group 5
Mask Group 1


Cut out Cars

Cut out cars can be used to create visual interest and break up text-heavy content sections, when other imagery (e.g. a photo, product shot, etc) is either not appropriate or not available.

car 1
car 2
car 3

Device Mockups

Outside of lifestyle photography, all of our device mockups will be using the shown “clay” style. This allows for design flexibility while also highlighting what’s shown on-screen as the star of the show.

Device Mockups

White & Gray can be used when
using the clay devices

Mobile & Tablet Device Mockups

Dark Tablet 1
Dark Mobile 1
Light Tablet 1
Light Mobile 1
Dark Tablet 2
Dark Mobile 2
Light Tablet 2
Light Mobile 2
Dark Tablet 3
Dark Mobile 3
Light Tablet 3
Light Mobile 3

Desktop & Laptop Device Mockups

Dark Desktop 1
Dark Laptop 1
Light Desktop 1
Light Laptop 1
Dark Desktop 2
Dark Laptop 2
Light Desktop 2
Light Laptop 2
Dark Desktop 3
Dark Laptop 3
Light Desktop 3
Light Laptop 3