Relevant Reach

to Attract Every Shopper.

Powered by industry exclusive real-time bidding and machine learning, Advertising applies unsurpassed shopper data and website and inventory automation to deliver the industry's most effective digital ads to every relevant shopper at every critical moment.

UAX - Channel Overview

Integrated campaigns, powered by unsurpassed partnership and data.

The Unified Advertising Exchange (UAX),’s connected family of advertising products and services, leverages groundbreaking data targeting to identify likely customers in your market and reach them with an optimally timed ads on every relevant digital channel - from search engines, to vehicle research sites, to social media. Every campaign is backed by expert partnership, and fueled by inventory and website automation to ensure unrivaled advertising consistency, continuous shopper engagement, and overall campaign performance.  


Stay connected, from consideration to close.

Retargeting keeps you connected to your most valuable online audience: shoppers who’ve already visited your website but haven’t yet converted. Retargeting effectively extends your website experience wherever your shoppers travel online, engaging groundbreaking real-time bidding technology to deliver optimally-relevant ads at precisely the right time in your customers’ shopping journey. The process helps ensure you remain in front of your leads the moment they’re ready to buy.

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Retargeting Ads

Dynamic Vehicle Ads Dynamic Vehicle Ads match your specific inventory with extensive shopper data to intelligently – and automatically – place a gallery of your specific vehicles in front of your local market shoppers. Fully automated with your inventory,  Dynamic Vehicle Ads:

• Allow online shoppers to browse your vehicles across the web.
• Dramatically amplify your inventory exposure.
• Create continuous and highly-relevant customer contact.
• Provide optimally-relevant ads to every shopper.
• Drive traffic and leads through the highest conversion rates in the industry.

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Social Advertising

Drive local awareness, “likes,” and loyalty.

It’s never been easier, or more advantageous, to stand out on social. Managed Facebook Advertising professionals draw from proprietary technology and Facebook tools to transform your content into impactful ads and powerful marketing aimed at in-market shoppers.

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Unified Advertising Dashboard

Unified Advertising Dashboard

Manage, measure, and maximize your effectiveness.

Manage your complete advertising program – from search to social – all in one place. Integrated analytics identify everywhere customers are, and reveal where and how to reach them. So you can easily see not only where to reach customers, but how best to spend every dollar.

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Loyalty Package

Automated customer connection, for enhanced reputation and revenue.

The Loyalty Package strengthens your relationships with customers by deepening connection and retention through automated e-newsletters, service marketing reminders, and customer reviews of your dealership and vehicles.

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Loyalty Package

Strength through Integration

Combine UAX with SEO to drive results.

Compared to campaigns stitched together through separate vendors, the Unified Advertising Exchange (UAX) creates better ad engagement and improves average monthly impact for the metrics that matter most. And its integration with your Website means ad campaigns combine with SEO to maximize your overall traffic, drive engagement, and create conversions. Data source: nationwide OEM study comparing average monthly results among UAX dealers vs. those using separate providers.

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