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Partnership by Design

Whether your digital strategy encompasses a single store, or 100 stores, we tailor our Client Service teams to match your needs. We call this “Partnership by Design.” Our strategic teams work alongside our product specialists, analysts, strategists, and technical teams – a unique combination that delivers both 24/7 technical help and long-term strategic guidance.


Proactive and Responsive Partnerships

Whatever your product set, and no matter how complex your strategy, our teams are structured to deliver you both fast resolution to your technical issues, as well as ongoing insight to achieve your strategic goals now and in the future. If you seek to stay on the cutting edge of digital, we’ll reach out to you proactively with new ideas and guidance  each month to propel you to success. If you need a detailed analysis of your product performance or advertising portfolio, we can connect you with certified analysts who can optimize your solution. Or, if you simply need the peace of mind of 24/7 technical support, we can typically solve most issues with you, right over the phone.

Digital Advisor

As your primary point of contact, your Digital Advisor gets to know your business strategy in-depth, and reaches out proactively with solutions to help your business grow. Your Digital Advisor provides the best advice on how to use digital marketing to achieve your goals. He or she also delivers continuous training and monthly strategy calls, so you always know you’re using our technology as effectively as possible.

24/7 Dealer Support

When you need answers and resolution fast, call on Dealer Support. Our support professionals are here for you 24/7, and typically resolve technical issues in just one call. Working alongside the rest of your team, often just steps away from the engineers who design your solution, these continuously-trained professionals are always available to help you solve technical challenges quickly and easily.

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