Seamless Websites deliver a fully-integrated Digital Retailing experience, allowing you to deliver what today’s automotive consumers expect: An accelerated buying experience that’s efficient, trustworthy and engaging. Through flexible solutions, you can either start deals or make complete deals online through a uniquely comprehensive workflow that includes payment, trade, and credit tools as well as MakeMyDeal, the industry’s premier online deal-making system.


Start deals securely and transparently.

Digital Retailing caters to today’s car shoppers’ evolving expectations, including deeper engagement in the deal-structuring process. By giving shoppers the ability to start deals with accurate payment calculation, trade valuation, financing and F&I merchandising tools – all integrated within your vehicle details pages – Digital Retailing transcends traditional online “lead generation” by initiating actual deals.

Make deals, and foster relationships.

For dealers who seek a more powerful online deal-making experience, Digital Retailing also includes unique integration with MakeMyDeal, the industry’s leading customer communication platform. Through MakeMyDeal, you can extend your sales strategy online, discussing and agreeing upon terms with consumers and making complete deals online, a process proven to deepen consumer relationships while streamlining the in-store experience.

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Build trust while maintaining control.

Whether you wish to simply start deals online or create a complete digital deal-making experience, Digital Retailing allows you to stay in complete control of your strategy. You can configure the solution according to your specific pricing and merchandising terms, and include all additional fees, taxes, and options for a clearer picture of the deal. By allowing customers to see this information up front, you nurture shoppers’ trust, speed their purchase decisions, and streamline your deals.


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