Introduces CarFlix™ HumanVoice Videos, the Next Generation Online Video Solution

January 25, 2010 (Burlington, VT) –, the leading provider of online marketing solutions for the automotive industry, today introduced CarFlix™ HumanVoice, a patent pending online video solution that ushers in a new generation of videos for vehicle inventory on auto dealer websites. For approximately the same cost as other video solutions, CarFlix™ HumanVoice automatically and instantly creates high quality videos with real human voices from pictures and data in a dealer’s inventory system.

“Dealers are frustrated by the slow turnaround time associated with professionally produced videos, and by the lack of quality in videos created with computer generated voices,” said Rick Gibbs, chief technology officer. “CarFlix™ HumanVoice offers dealers the best of both worlds. It’s the only solution that automatically creates unique, realistic videos of every vehicle in a dealer’s inventory.”

CarFlix™ HumanVoice produces a professional video within minutes of vehicle information being loaded into an inventory system, and is able to produce videos for a dealer’s entire inventory in less than an hour. The process is comprehensive and completely eliminates any busywork or obligations associated with creating videos by dealer employees, freeing up valuable time to focus on selling cars.

CarFlix™ HumanVoice videos include the following features and benefits:

  • Real Human Voices-Part of’s patent pending process includes the ability to pre-record human voices and seamlessly blend words and phrases together to form realistic voice overs for video. Multiple male and female voices ensure a dealer’s inventory will provide viewers with a variety of engaging, professional sounding videos.
  • worked with industry analysts to determine which features on different vehicles are most important to potential buyers. CarFlix™ HumanVoice leverages this information by scanning features in the inventory system, then prioritizing them in the resulting video; i.e. a video for a truck might emphasize four-wheel drive and a V8 engine, while a video for a luxury car might emphasize its leather interior and heated seats.Additionally, CarFlix™ HumanVoice’s SmartScript technology takes this advanced intelligence one step further and offers benefits associated with each of the emphasized features; i.e. 34 mpg will save you money at the fuel pump, or security and safety are emphasized with dual airbags. Offering both features and benefits creates a video so persuasive, it’s like having a digital salesperson built right into the website.
  • High Quality Video-CarFlix™ HumanVoice takes images of vehicles from an inventory system and seamlessly stitches them together to form a smooth, high resolution video with a variety of special effects. Viewers will stay engaged with compelling presentations that include enhanced effects such as panning, scrolling, zooming in and out, picture in picture effects, text effects and more. High and low bandwidth options cover all potential customers’ needs.
  • Context Sensitive Music-CarFlix™ HumanVoice includes a large library of music tracks and automatically assigns appropriate music to different types of vehicles. A video for a truck might have music that generates a mood of ruggedness and power, while a luxury car might have music with a jazzy feel to it. Appropriate music provides additional variety and increases the level of professionalism.
  • Dealer Branding-Every CarFlix™ HumanVoice video ends with a call to action and a picture of the dealership with the dealer name and contact information prominently displayed in the frame. This increases branding presence and makes it easy for viewers to pick up the phone and schedule an appointment.
  • Built-In Lead Forms-Every CarFlix™ HumanVoice video produced includes built-in lead forms so the viewer can instantly schedule a test drive or receive a quote. Viewers can also browse options or view similar videos. Built in lead forms leverage a customer’s enthusiasm for a vehicle and increase conversion rates