4 Marketing Strategies for Overcoming Inventory Shortages

Every dealership is dealing with inventory acquisition challenges. It’s an industry-wide issue that has had a profound impact on profitability. And while some dealers are choosing to “wait out” the inventory shortage, others are succeeding now.

Implement these four auto dealer marketing strategies to overcome inventory obstacles and supply chain challenges at your dealership.

  • Strategy 1: Evolve Campaign Types—Focus auto advertising on inventory acquisition. Promote that you’ll pay top dollar for used vehicles.
  • Strategy 2: Widen Your Geo-Target—As inventory shrinks, expand your audience beyond normal boundaries with messaging about buying used vehicles.
  • Strategy 3: Add Web Content—Use your dealership’s website to advertise acquisition efforts with home page banners, service page banners, and trade-in reminders.
  • Strategy 4: Dealership-Wide Plan—Ensure marketing, sales, and service are all in sync, connecting workflows across departments, to accomplish inventory acquisition goals.

The current inventory shortage is a major challenge, and it’s not going away anytime soon. With these four proven marketing strategies, you can outlast current supply chain challenges to keep profits high, even as inventory is low.

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4 strategies to help your dealership overcome industry obstacles