Tips for Engaging All Shoppers

Today’s car shoppers are getting to know dealers long before the in-person meet-and-greet and test drive. They are doing online research, trying to find the right car and the right car dealer to do business with. To succeed with modern shoppers, dealerships must be able to facilitate these digital introductions and engage customers on their terms.  

Embrace Flexible Buying Experiences 

Many customers will continue coming to your dealership the way they always have—through traditional in-person visits to your showroom or calls to your salespeople during normal business hours.  

But more and more car shoppers are taking the car-buying process into their own hands. They are researching dealers and vehicles at all hours of the day and night, including times when your salespeople aren’t available.  

To cater to these modern shoppers, it is important for today’s dealerships to implement flexible buying experiences. That means allowing shoppers to browse vehicles on your website, begin the car-buying process, and complete as many purchase steps online as they prefer.  

These flexible buying experiences give your dealership a digital introduction to in-market shoppers and allow them to seamlessly proceed through the car-buying process on their terms and in their time.  

Maintain a Strong Online Presence 

There are more ways to introduce your dealership to modern customers than your website alone. Leverage the power of social media to make your dealership (and your flexible buying experience) known online so that you can grab the attention of in-market shoppers.  

Partner with a competent internal marketing team or a trusted automotive digital advertising agency to keep your online presence strong and coordinated. This can ensure that your marketing stands out and provides customers with consistent price quotes and information across channels.  

A good marketing and website partner can also help your dealership deliver dynamic content to each customer based on their past browsing behaviors, optimizing their experience and personalizing it to their interests every time they visit your site.  

By offering flexible buying experiences and maintaining a strong online presence, you can introduce yourself to shoppers at the start of the car-buying journey and stand out from the competition.   

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