Digital Retailing

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Shoppers who engage with our Digital Retailing tools:

Digital Retailing Shopper Engagement







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The experience shoppers want

You don’t have to have the lowest prices. Or the best variety. You don’t even need the biggest selection. To succeed, all you have to be is the best seller. Nine out of 10 consumers are more likely to buy from a dealership that offers at least one component of digital retailing.4

Digital Retailing, powered by Cox Automotive, has everything you need to jump-start the shopping and deal-making process online.

Shopper relationship-building just like in-store — only it’s online

Personal connections can happen online. You just have to be there when they need you. Shoppers who use our Digital Retailing tool are 2.5X more likely to submit a detailed lead form to you.1

That’s because you’ve given them the means to configure realistic buying scenarios based on their unique conditions and preferences. It’s the relationship-builder that drives shoppers to you.

The high quality leads you need

Think about how much time you spend following up on leads. High-quality leads are the backbone of every thriving dealership. They determine how quickly and effortlessly you can convert them to profitable sales.