About Us

Great companies start with an idea and an inspiration. Our idea was to make the car buying process better, faster and simpler. And our inspiration was technology. In 1998 that spark led Mark Bonfigli, Rick Gibbs, Mike Lane, Jamie LaScolea and Ryan Dunn to found Dealer.com and begin redefining the expectations of the auto industry.

By bringing a full suite of digital marketing tools to OEMs and dealers, coupled with direct consultation to make those tools work harder for customers, we helped to change the digital face of the industry.

But we didn’t just focus on the world outside – we looked inward, to see how we could create a work environment that was unlike any other – where the desire to be creative, innovative, healthy, expressive and fun were nurtured and appreciated at a whole new level.

It was the collective fostering of these missions that made Dealer.com what it is today: an 800-person strong company with bi-coastal offices serving 40 percent of the auto industry’s marketing needs; all made possible through a culture rich in openness, wellness, development, community engagement, and individuality.

Our Driving Principles

Focused and Committed
We serve and strengthen the auto dealer’s health, marketing, and operations.

Fearlessly Inventive and Innovative
We’ve pioneered technological greatness since day one.

We understand, question, and then crush conventions boldly and intelligently.

Integrated and Collaborative
We believe partnership is a process as well as a product.

Agile and Adaptable
We act – and react – with speed, and adjust successfully to issues and opportunities alike.