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Although the vehicle purchase process is different for every shopper, most automotive shoppers visit up to 20 research sites prior to making a purchase decision. That extensive research is why over 85% of your website traffic doesn’t convert on the first visit – and exactly why a robust retargeting program is critical to keeping in front of your shoppers during the research process. Retargeting turns digital “be-backs” into customers by delivering curated galleries of relevant vehicles to shoppers after they leave your site. Each ad reflects your pricing, specials, and photos – keeping each customer connected to your dealership. And the results are proven: dealers who retarget experience an average of 12 new Vehicle Details Page views for every return visitor.


Retargeting turns digital “be-backs” into return visitors.

If your salespeople would follow up with anyone who visited your physical showroom, why wouldn’t you do the same for your virtual showroom?


Aligned, consistent, and curated.

Retargeting ads include your pricing, deals/specials, and photos – ensuring your ads are consistently aligned and curated with the shopper’s original vehicle interest in mind.


Efficient, timely, and engaging. Retargeting can be activated quickly and effortlessly to bring increased, real-time site engagement and conversion rates.

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