The Certified Provider Program takes the guesswork out of choosing the strongest complementary software and services by vetting and certifying companies that provide the best results. Dealer.com Certified Technology Providers deliver unique value to your digital presence and comply with the latest in consumer data privacy.

Certified Provider Program Overview

Qualified and Integrated

Every Dealer.com Certified Provider is thoroughly vetted for proven value to dealerships, data security, and technological strength. Key qualifications for Certification include:

  • TRUSTe verification for the highest standard in consumer data privacy.
  • Proven track record of success for dealerships across the Dealer.com network.
  • Complete integration with Dealer.com products and services for efficient management, holistic analytics, and single-login simplicity through ControlCenter.




Drive more showroom visits with targeted offers and incentives.

HookLogic’s Autohook technology enhances your digital marketing through offers and incentives designed to be redeemable through a test drive or a showroom visit. These incentives reach highly targeted audiences through two channels: “Web2Show,” which targets your website traffic, and “Lead2Show,” which targets leads earned through third parties. Both are proven to boost floor traffic and close rates.

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Certified Provider Program - HookLogic

Certified Provider Program - MS Cloud Services

Ryantech Cloud Services

Secure and reliable email technology.

Ryantech Cloud Services provides stable, reliable cloud-based email synchronization and multi-device accessibility. Employing Microsoft’s Office 365 email, Ryantech Cloud Services enables users to access email from their favorite desktop and mobile devices using their favorite web browsers. Available 24/7 customer phone support and premium, up-to-date malware/virus protection ensure devoted attention to and superior defense of your business needs.

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Contact At Once!

Engage visitors with the leading chat technology.

Contact At Once! live chat software engages browsers and turns them into buyers by establishing relationships between dealer and shopper. Choose from three packages that best fit your dealership: Self-managed Chats, giving you complete control of your chat strategy; or, depending on your dealership’s needs, two levels of Managed Chats, facilitated by in-house “Chat Receptionists” who ensure you’ll never miss an online contact. Each package includes complete chat analytics, unlimited users, free mobile apps to chat on the go, and “Presence Aware,” an automatic login/logout system.  


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Certified Provider Program - Contact At Once!



Attract and convert shoppers with search-by-payment technology.

OfferLogix™ helps shoppers sort and select vehicles based on their own budgets. This technology advances shoppers further down the sales funnel, enabling dealers to create and implement a consistent, compliant and compelling payment advertising strategy that preserves dealer margins while showing transparency, enhancing shopping convenience and increasing conversions.



Shop for genuine OEM retail and wholesale replacement parts and accessories online.

TradeMotion enhances dealer websites through parts and service merchandising. Its eStore technology helps  turn franchise dealer websites into a shopping destination that goes beyond vehicle sales alone.


CarGurus Overview


Stronger leads through synchronized listings.

CarGurus is the fastest growing automotive website, with seven million monthly unique visitors. Synchronizing your inventory on CarGurus instantly amplifies your exposure, providing qualified leads to your dealership each month. And, since 95% of the leads sent from CarGurus to dealers are for inventory that has been validated as a Great, Good or Fair deal, these customers are ready to buy, and ready to trust your dealership.


eLend, powered by DealerCentric

Speed transactions and credit applications.

Powered by DealerCentric, eLend Solutions delivers up front pricing transparency to car shoppers by disclosing the finance terms of the sale at the beginning of the vehicle purchase process. Used either online or at the dealership, it dramatically streamlines the sales and finance process, reducing the time to complete a vehicle purchase transaction from hours to minutes.


eLend Screenshot


Increase sales operations performance with call lead management.

CallSource is the industry’s leading solution for call lead management, analytics, and phone skills training. According to NADA, 75% of all sales and service purchases begin with a phone call. CallSource helps increase sales by alerting you to missed opportunities, optimizing your phone lead generation, and improving your employees’ call handling performance through targeted training.


e-Dealer Solutions

Online operations and sales training resources, anytime.

e-Dealer Solutions develops advanced dealership operations and sales training resources that enhance staff’s skills and capabilities to meet today’s consumer expectations. A series of online video training modules incorporate the latest best practices in automotive retail, in line with today’s automotive operations and sales technology.


e-Dealer Solutions Automotive Operations and Training


Engage more shoppers with managed chats.

SmartChat is a full-service chat offering that increases website engagement and helps bridge the gap between digital “shopping” and showroom visits. Its industry-exclusive inventory integration embeds vehicle information directly into chat conversations, providing customers with the most up-to-date availability. Choose from two packages: Managed SmartChat – chats managed round-the-clock by a team of chat professionals; or Hybrid SmartChat – chats that are automatically answered by trained experts when your staff is either unavailable or your dealership is closed.


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The Certified Provider Program benefits both dealerships and providers throughout the Dealer.com experience. Providers receive:

• Dedicated dashboards within Dealer.com ControlCenter for clear visibility into the complete dealership digital presence.

• Cross-branding throughout the Dealer.com platform.

• Exposure and ability to upgrade easily through the Dealer.com Upgrade Center.
To join the Certified Provider Program, contact certifiedproviders@dealer.com