A Message from Wayne Pastore, Dealer.com General Manager and Vice President

Dear Valued Partner,  

As your digital marketing partner, our primary job is to support you and help your dealership succeed. We will be publishing insights and best practices over the next days and weeks and our A-team of Performance Managers, industry, and automotive digital marketing experts are ready to help you make confident decisions to keep your business moving forward, now and in the future.   

Be present. Be  assured,  you can take steps  now  to maintain connectivity with  shoppers.  There may be  less foot traffic and  fewer  face-to-face interactions  with car shoppers,  but  there are  digital strategies  you  should  keep top of mind.  

Be agile.  People are spending even more time online. Without live sports on linear TV, we are seeing an acceleration of cord cutting and alternative viewing habits. Capitalize on  this  expanded audience with your website and digital advertising  to get the right message in front of the right audience at the right time. Now is the time to shift  and test  new  avenues  that  deliver your unique differentiators.  Excellent digital alternatives to print and TV exist now and are 100% measurable.  We are ready to help you reach your target market with a diverse, cost effective and transparent media mix. 

Know your customers.  Dig into your  data. It’s one of your most valuable tools to help you  understand and target shoppers, and put the right messages in front of  your  consumer. Did they just buy? It’s time to shift to fixed ops messaging.  Trends suggest that we may see a temporary decrease in new and used vehicle sales, but an uptick in consumer demand for vehicle parts and service during times of economic strain.  

Focus on the online to in-store experience.  As  consumers  hunker down in their homes, they will create new shopping habits. What can you do  to  ease the path to  purchase  for your digital storefront shopper?  Show them trade-in value  and  help them  explore  the latest financing offers.  Provide new delivery options.  Your website  represents the best  opportunity to kick off an outstanding consumer shopping experience.   

Ensure you’re getting the most out of your tools and technology investment. Use this time to educate yourself on any features you may be underutilizing, and  you may find ways to up efficiency in your dealership. Is your team current on how to leverage and access your cloud-based applications remotely, or from a mobile device or  remote desktop?    

We are committed to our partnership and our A-team of performance managers, industry and digital marketing experts are ready to help. We are gathering all our knowledge, insights and best practices here: dealer.com/insights/. Please don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know how we can help.    


Wayne Pastore   

General Manager and Vice President